What we need from you

People Tracers

As a first step, our people tracers naturally need to learn as much background as possible surrounding your history with the individual concerned. This need to be in a constructive and historical order.

Starting a search

with some vague ad-hoc recollections is not conducive to having a full picture. We can’t cover the things such as oh-‘by the way’ little thoughts which spring to mind. It all needs to be documented.

The more information you can provide us the easier we can track the person down. Our questionnaire has been designed to jolt your memory and to recall all the useful pieces of information we need.

Then once we have reviewed the case (free of charge) we will confirm whether or not the case is a “doable” project.

what we need for a people trace.

Your name, address, and tel number e mail.

Details of the person you hope to find.

Full nameof the person wer are tracing (Or as much as you have-if anything)

When and where you first met.

A  street address and town where they lived then (If you can)

Approximate current age

Schools from infants through to senior.

Workplace details and dates.- Any recollections here?

Parents and relatives. Any names, locations approximate ages (details of any deceased family members can also help)

Names and locations of other friends you recall

Our people finder services

Ours are not the run-of-the-mill stuff you see all over the internet. These are mainly debt colection type agency who can access info not shown on the open electoral register. However if there is no listing anywhere within the last 5 years its usually a no-go.

We regularly work on cases where there were never a known postal address. Only a town or city say 50 years ago. There are not many tracers who are prepared to work off such scant information as apart from everything else- its time consuming.

Our searches often go back to the 1960s and cover multi situations such as: -remarriages, deed poll, name changes, moved addresses multi times, moved abroad.

To secure the breakttrough we often have to trace a brother, sister, cousins or a next door neighbour etc to gain the vital lead. We deal m

People tracing is a speciality vocation. Indeed we ourselves do love a good tracing challenge. But we will be “upfront with you” if we do not foresee the relative possibility of tracking down the person you are looking for. It is our policy to not waste either ours or the client’s time. Refer to home page for more info. https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/

Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com