UK-Australia ex-Pats reunited

UK-Australia Ex-Pats Reunited
UK-Australia Ex-Pats Reunited

Reconnecting British lost friends who emigrated to Australia

Our goal is to assist you in reconnecting with friends that you haven’t seen since the school playground days.. Or maybe your first sweetheart, best buddy.,teenage social friends, pals, workmates, and military service. The question is where are they all today? Conversely, British ex-pats currently living in Australia. 

Surprisingly we possess a priceless and uncanny skill/ gift in being able to find them again. Sometimes we even quite surprise ourselves and are reassured when they are more than pleased to be reconnected. It’s also very revealing to discover where their journey took them. For example, you remember a scruffy runny-nose little kid wearing second-hand shoes who is today the managing director of a worldwide conglomerate. Conversely, in some instances, fallen on hard times.

Bring out a Briton Australia-UK Ex-Pats Reconnecting you

Tracing an old friend and Historic footprint link.

UK-Australia ex-Pats reunited

UK-Australia ex-Pats reunited. for us and for you too, each individual leaves some kind of footprint along the way. This is where we come into it. Although this information can be very challenging to unearth. Often the key to unlocking the search can be a street address going back to the 1950s or 60s era. Ok, for example, do you remember the road where that person(your schoolmate) lived back in 1960?

We as your personal assistant need as a priority to find the particular house that they live in then together with their parents, may ask? Well, let’s take for example we are seeking a Peter Davies how many of them are out there today, scattered around? 

Essentially the question is: which one is it?

The correct name can be found by establishing their full birth name, provided we have the names of Mum and Dad.

How do we go about this? We need to locate the exact house they lived in in the past. Google Street View is a great tool for discovering the house where your old buddy used to live. by scanning the street view and identifying the precise house. where they lived. Or to be precise we guide the client on how to search it as only they would recognise the house. But….But… It’s common for us to discover that a particular house has been demolished.  

. This often means we need instead to purchase a birth certificate.

The Ten Pound Poms

Was a popular term used to describe the British immigrants to Australia who arrived under the ‘assisted passage’ scheme. We reconnect all those who moved from  England to Australia, and vice-versa!

Reconnection you with someone you lost touch with.

Helping you discover childhood friend from the other side of the world.

Australia-UK-ex-Pats Reconnecting you. The question?….how are we finding it, are we successful? We are doing OK but could do better.

What’s the biggest drawback to us securing new clients?

We reckon it’s an understandable fear and reluctance in sending us a payment of a sum of money without any recourse.

There are so many scammer stories flying around these days, understandably we are often greeted with suspicion.

We “get it” and would be the same if the boot were on the other foot. Especially when not only has the money left the safety of your bank account but also ended up on the other side of the world. We do have a UK ex-pat living in Australia who would be more than happy to confirm the integrity of our service. Ask for Lynda Martin.

We digress and back to the main message.

UK-australia-ex-pats-reunited. Back in England during the 1950s this author remembers being disappointed at losing so many school friends exiting for Australia.

Those longtime friend were seen through the eyes of a child as loyal and forever by your side. To suddenly arrive back at school after a term break to discover they were no longer there, was quite devastating.

It felt like a betrayal-“How could they do such a thing.”

I guess one of life’s first reality lessons. I recall one day I was playing over the field’s cowboys and Indians with my best mate, the next, he was gone forever. There never seemed to be any goodbyes or similar they just went-vanished. In a way, it was probably the best bet.

Of course when age 10 or 11 you quickly get over it and move on. Nevertheless, the memories are tinged with sadness which lingers on forever. Often I have flashes and occasional dreams of the times we played together and an enduring image of how they once looked.

Where it was a childhood sweetheart situation the feeling was even worse. The wicked parent snatched them away from me, whisking them off to the other side of the world. Here is a useful link to passengers on all ships who emigrated to Australia and New Zealand.

Keeping in touch with lost friends in those days.

It was possible via the radio especially Sunday morning family favourites where they used to relay messages. Also, the BFPO was used to send messages. Two-way Family favourites used to have a telephone link but only for one hour per week.

It had an unforgettable signature tune “With a Song in my Heart” played by Andre Kostelanetz Orchestra.

Australia-uk-ex-pats-reunited orchestra. Remember the voice of Jean Metcalfe? What about her husband Cliff Michelmore (Squadron Leader Michelmore) whom most of us of a certain age, remember?

Anyway, enough of the daydreaming! Despite the traumatic loss of long-term friends to the Lure of Australia, it’s possible today to quite often reconnect with them again. Something which would not have been possible pre-internet and digital technology era.

So, many of those hitherto long lost friends we are able to actually and really reconnect with you again. Both by digital and video links. This would have been science fiction stuff back in the1950/’60s.

The demand we receive is primarily from UK ex-pats living in Australia. whose aim is to find an old school friend, chum, or sweetheart from the UK. Indeed, as time goes by, if anything, demand is increasing which is lovely. From our perspective, we are happy to announce in most cases we succeed in finding those friend from school

Australia-UK-ex-Pats Reconnecting you is something we take great pleasure from and long may it continue.

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