By submitting a trace you agree to the terms and conditions shown below.

1, I acknowledge and fully aware by instructing Friends Reconnected on this day I have entered into a “binding” agreement between myself (THE CLIENT) and FRIENDS Reconnected (THE VENDOR).

2, I confirm I am aged over 18.

3, I confirm that any information supplied by Friends Reconnected will not be used by myself or any third parties for illegal activities.

4, I confirm categorically and 100% my interests in locating this person is of a social nature in finding this person and without intention to harm either mentally or physically in any way. Or, via any form of media or to the detriment of their public image.

5, As far as I am aware there are no legal restrictions/impediments preventing any personal information on my trace submission. In addition there does not exist any judgements or restrictions imposed by any UK court, or other legal bodies barring or banning me, either contacting or keeping a distance from the individual I am seeking to find.

6, I acknowledge Friends Reconnected has been instructed by me, to find a new or confirm a current contact address, of my long-lost friend.  I am aware the prime purpose of the search is to establish the location residence /abode of the missing person. Alternatively, a confirmation of death if available.

7, I agree that Friends Reconnected or anyone in their employ are not liable in the event of any losses which may arise from the search howsoever it came about.

8, I agree by instructing Friends Reconnected together with the submission data in my possession, I am personally responsible for the instruction given. I am also solely responsible for making of all payments and disbursement in relation to finding the missing person.

9, I confirm I will not withhold any relevant information in relation to my presentation given to you. I understand that by doing so, it could seriously impact on the eventual outcome of the trace.

10, I understand upon receiving the final overall report I have one month to evaluate it and have the right to ask Friends Reconnected to review their findings free of charge.

11, I understand Friends Reconnected can never divulge any information as to how they acquired the information gathered.

12 I am grown adult, rational, reasoned and culpable for requesting the search from Friends Reconnected on my behalf. I agree freely for People Location to conduct this search on my behalf.

13, Contents of friends reconnected research results are private and specifically for the client’s information

 14, The information we obtain is thoroughly checked for its accuracy. Moreover, we are diligent, and triple check everything. However, it’s not a perfect world, and we and we are not perfect either therefore we cannot 100% guarantee its total accuracy. As such Friends Reconnected will not entertain any claim for any subsequent losses incurred as a result of any inaccurate information we may have supplied.