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Tracking Down An Old Friend.-Reconnect with people from your past. We find people right across the UK.

For quite some time now, I find myself reflecting the perplexing puzzle of often seeing people I really liked, entering into my life, and then subsequently exiting out of it. Old Friends!

Childer with a bus

Tracing old friends right across Scotland, Ireland, and Wales

Not to mention England of course. 

Hello Old Mate How Are You? I cannot think of any specific reason or answers as to why or how the exit from my life actually came about. There was no certainly no warning signs or anything apparent, which might have caused it. Certainly no rifts, dramatic disagreements or trading of insults- basically nothing at all. So note today I want to set about the challenging task of tracking down an old friend.

Actually, when weighing it all up I guess there were a number of reasons:-

Mostly logical and obvious. None of which reflected adversely on the bond of friendship.

Mainly it’s all about lifes pressures and some deal with it better than others, For example, and often not considered people’s lives suddenly become very busy. With ensuing financial social and domestic pressures. Sometimes there is a change of job, perhaps having children, and then suddenly the person who meant so much is no longer around for you.

Tracking Down An Old Friend | Is it Motivated By Remorse?

Anyway whatever the reason it seems more or less an inevitable stage and process in our lives. People move on, new people, new places, new challenges, and new outlooks all adding up. Thus making it easier to subconsciously ditch the old, in favour of the new.

Today I had the pleasure of tracking down an old friend who goes back to my school days. We had lunch together.  This person has a massively positive effect on me, my life and everything surrounding it.

An individual who makes the world a nicer and kinder place to live in a deep compassionate decent individual. 

Actually, before today’s catch up had not seen each other in quite a few years. It would be lovely and like a ‘fairy tale’ to say however we got back together again as we both seriously missed each other, and reached out.

However, being honest the truth is, it came about as a result of a chance meeting with my friend’s parents. As a result of that chance meeting my friend we now regularly meet, exchange texts, phone calls, and began meeting up for lunch. 

We both openly admitted how delighted for this second opportunity to reconnect and spending quality time together.

Following that first meeting, when I returned home, sat down and reflected upon meeting up with my friends once again. Apart from anything else it reminded me of how important a good friend is, and to value and cherish them more.

I resolved there and then in the future to do everything within my power to remain in touch with my old friend.

Too many lost years and much too much water passed under the bridge, but, it isn’t going to happen again certainly not on my part.  The meeting was invigorating mentally, rejuvenating and reconnecting me with my past and my future destiny wherever that may be.

Obviously, sometimes we cannot exercise any control over people disappearing out or lives but in this case, I can.

However, I am aware in many cases there can be situations where can be no way to get them back For example, without sounding flippant if they have died. Then, of course, the situation is for sure quite irretrievable. As mere mortals, we cannot, of course, have any control here. You can for sure remember them, but you can’t bring them back.

 We do not offer advice or solutions. However, we see two people who disappeared out of each other lives for no real good reason and it’s sad. Unless of course, it was acrimonious. We here at friends reconnected relish every challenge no matter how complex in finding your lost friend. Helping you to reconnect you again.

Beware: it’s so easy to lose a good friend.

So hopefully I have provided you with a reminder, and-food for thought!  We say to you, consider pushing yourself as fart as you can by trying everything to reach out to that old and special friend. You know- the one who somehow got lost along the way.

Basic Plan Of Action:

  • Cast your mind back and try to recount all those who came in and out of your life.

This could be someone from school days University or teen romance. 

  • Ignore those nagging doubts and reasons why you should not reach out.
  • Do attempt to reach out and be positive.

Focussing on the reasons why you should and not why you should not. Don’t be negative.

  • Telling yourself it’s been far too long now to catch up again

They are probably too busy.  But the truth is we don’t know if they’re too busy or not.  Although we are thinking like that, it doesn’t mean it’s a fact. That is no excuse for actually not reaching out to that person.

  • Actually, go for it and DO IT. No more putting it on hold.

Don’t put it off!. No time to waste time is short do it right now.

  • Eat Humble Pie if you have to. Let’s face it at times we all mess up.

At some time or another, we all offend or hurt someone.

We can, however, say sorry meaningfully and hope it will be OK. Often it pays dividends and people are impressed you took the trouble to say sorry.

Tracking Down An Old Friend. We hope that we have given you some points to consider when contemplation reconnecting with your old mate -long lost friends. If you need any further help and or advice we are here-just ask.

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Email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

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