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lost friends

Tracing a lost friend from|the dim and distant past

tracing a lost friend
Tracing a lost friends

Find a lost friend in the UK

For us, it offers a most stimulating challenge and one which we relish. The sheer Adrenalin kick we get when we have found your special dear old friend,  ‘lost love’ the one who got- away!

Finding your lost friend why’s and wherefores.

Among the many reasons given there-is one which stands out. Not so intense and immediately understandable but it does really resonate. So, what is it? Metaphorically we take them aboard a  “time machine” vehicle. With time marching on many people want to occasionally escape the tiresome grip of today’s living. To be able to daydream back to those lazy, hazy, heady day of yesteryear. To feel young, carefree and to find that long lost friend/mate/old-flame with whom who you shared part of your life with and to say hello again.

Wanting to reconnect with an old friend before time runs out.

For many people approaching middle age, or beyond, reconnecting with their past takes them back to a lovely place. A place which seems without flaws or hassle. This is of course ‘rose-tinted glasses’ thinking. But stepping away from the stress of modern-day living, the economic strain on finances, living in a bubble of sheer daily ‘hassle in people lives. Family squabbles, Bills to pay pressures, getting old, or indeed already are old!

Tracing a lost friend

How difficult is it to find your lost friend?

Each case is, of course, different but devoting time is the main ingredient. Amazingly many of your lost friend are still living nearby. In some cases, they have even passed each other on a regular basis. At the other end of the scale, there are other cases where it’s virtually impossible.

Case Study find an old friend

We had one case where the only possible link was a sister, who possibly married a certain person, who possibly moved to Canada. In order to begin this trace, we had to make sure we had the right person, as her surname was commonplace. Having traced back her parents and grandparents we settled on three possibilities. This was based on assumptions and probability. No address or tel number, but we found her via her sister who’s daughter was on Facebook. Without burdening you with all the technical details, we managed to find her and indeed she was also living in Canada. Work level 150 hours.

You may wish to undertake the search yourself. Here is a good link for you

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