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Find a long lost love


Tracing a long lost love. Reconnecting with an Old-Flame Teenage Sweetheart?

tracing a long lost love
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Want To Find An Old Flame

Tempted to reach out again by attempting tracing a long lost love? Do you sometimes have deep regrets about the circumstances and how it came about? Especially when it was your fault and you feel you got what you deserved. The chances are that long lost sweetheart you lost is out there somewhere.

Remorseful about losing a long lost love, and would love to tell them so to their face?

Maybe you are perhaps wracked with guilt about how it all ended?  Stalked by persistent sadness, even though many years have passed.

For many that sadness and regret never seem to quite go away. Remaining dormant for years on end, then suddenly for various reasons the memories come flooding back.

Usually, the catalyst to these memory flashes are prompted by hearing a specific song, that relates to that person and your time spent together. It’s very vivid! Or revisiting a place you spent memorable times together.

Reconnection with a lost sweetheart

One major hurdle for many is:- Finding the time to devote to locating your ex-special friend from the past.

Especially for younger people, where devoting spare time to things such as tracing old friends is at a premium. Obviously, with so many demands on their time, it’s often no more just an occasional fleeting thought.

Conversely, one of the benefits, when we grow older, is being more introspective and finding certain days which are less packed.

This then provides an opportunity for us to embark on more frequents journeys involving reminiscing and mentally meandering back “through the passage of time”.

To wryly smile when recalling some of the crazy, chaotic, irrational, baffling and bizarre behaviours you got up to.

Especially remembering that special person with whom you shared those times gone-by- with. Mixed with frustration and sadness that you will never see them again.

One of our clients recalls for him it was the year 1966

“At that time we had just won the World Cup. I was age 20 ‘wet behind the ears’- naïve, a know-all, selfish and frequently downright bloody stupid! 

Today (now in my 7th decade I sometimes try to visualise the face of that very special person whom I let down so badly. Whom I deservedly lost all those years ago. Trying in my mind to recall how she looked then, and how she might look today- Would I recognise her?

Often when I am passing people in the street (in the same age group) I find myself looking twice and thinking (illogically) maybe it is her! She could be ‘that one’ amongst 60 million other people.

Tracing a long lost love

Questioning myself? Why did I behave as I did?

Without shifting blame one reason was a lack of self-confidence in finding any girlfriend at all, in early adolescence.

I think my behaviours dates back to not being very successful in my attempts in reaching out to young ladies. More often than not my pal and I would go to a dance (usually the Hammersmith Palais) and found ourselves being rejected by practically every girl we asked to dance with.

In the end, we just didn’t have the confidence to try anymore. Instead, we tried to look macho and sit casually on a bar stool all night. This subconsciously made us feel we were not worthy of having a girlfriend.

The upshot was we gave up on going to dance halls. Instead, we began to frequent coffee bars where there was a juke-box. Great hangouts in those days and full of young people. When we both eventually found a nice girlfriend we couldn’t quite believe it was for real.

What we did to constantly reassure ourselves it was real was to constantly test them out.

We would often deliberately arrive late. This was a way of finding out if it was real and we would be forgiven. We wanted to be pursued and see if we could retain them, even when we were being badly behaved towards them. It seemed to work, and the more we messed them about, the more they seemed to come back for more”.

This was certainly the case with the lady in question whom he was going out with. Today he would like nothing more to see her again. He is quite resigned to the fact she may not wish to hear from him and would understand that. But he doesn’t care and wants to give it his best shot.

Tracing a long lost love is what we are hoping to do for this gentleman.

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