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Trace someone living abroad | What’s the chances!

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Tracing Someone Abroad-People Living Overseas. It very much depends on the extent of information you can provide us with. However thus far we have delivered a number successful overseas traces in USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Equally we have had a few failures along the way too.

Trace someone abroad-how to go about finding them. Whether it be a trace for a lost family member, a one time girl or boyfriend, and anything in between. So if you are looking to trace someone living abroad you could do worse that give us a try.

How we go about finding someone in another country  

If they originated from the UK (usually they are) what we first look to find any threads there are remaining in UK. Which means in effect we are having to conduct two traces. First one would be to find any friends or relatives who could help.Oviously as they are still living in UK it gives us an anchor/footing. If we are successful eith this element means we are well on the way.

Indeed it could mean a large part of  task 2 is probably accomplished. Then of course we then have to undertake a second tracce to find the original target.

Moving on with the exact tracing of the idividual you enquired about.

If for example we were asked to trace someone in USA. The first question would be have you already made any enquires yourself? At the same time what can you give us-date of birth, full name, previous addresses, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp? On the other hand, occasionally there is virtually zero information to go-on.

Local Partners

In that case we would immediately appoint a local partner to support us. Without that and in a foreign country with different rules and different people tracing regulations we would frankly, be lost.

To Trace someone abroad you may say, in that case-why don’t I do the job myself? Yes, by all means give it a try! But would you be happy handing over any money to a foreign entity to help you in the case? If we take the case on we would be responsible for your money. If it went wrong we woudl recompense you.

We would like to say without the support of local partners these searches would be impossible. Especially where the local native language isn’t English.

International tracing FAQs 

  1. Q What would be the cost for such a service?
  2. A. To be honest and without wishing to conceal the cost we would need to see the details first. However certainly upwards of £750.00
  3. Q How do we go about the search of finding a missing person abroad?
  4. A.To be frank the work is done in coillabortion with ourolverseas tracing partners. With us alongside managing and overseeing the task.Any UK agent suggesting they can do the job with the aid of local support we suggest is being very optimistc.
  5. Q Are there any other guarantees or assurances you can find someone abroad.
  6. A In a nutshell-NO! Anyone who tell you any different we suggest you steer clear of. The only assurance we can give is that we foo our very best.
  7. Q How long is the search likely to take?
  8. A Honest answer-don’t know! But on average 2 months. Although one went into 3 years. Just to find out if someone is deceased is not so easy on overseas traces. To Learn More click here


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