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Tracing lost friends-Times Gone by-& times-to come!


Trace Lost Friends

Where are you, my old friend? Trace Lost Friends As we enter a new year I often wonder how many of my old friends are still out there somewhere-today? Remembering Carnaby Street, 1967!

Lost friends
Lost friends

If I could somehow achieve it- I would love to reconnect with all of them. Why you may ask?

Apart from the sheer joy of meeting up again. Time dictates that at the age of 74 some of my old contemporaries may soon appear in obituary notices. So do it now!

Yes, people are born and others die, that’s life and how it goes! But I find myself driven towards reconnecting with those lost friends once again. I would love to find out how they are, and how life has treated them. At my age, Its a race against time and I will do my best. Maybe nostalgic but to shake their hand again and make sure we stay in touch this time.

reconnecting with an old-flame or first love-is very compelling.

Especially curious as to how they might look today. Comparing to how they looked all those years ago.

Not to be critical or in any way disappointed. After all, we all age some better than others. Indeed I myself am quite unrecognisable, from how I looked some 50 years ago.

Actually, I personally would not give a damn how many of my old friends have fared, appearance-wise. It’s still the same person inside and that the important part. Hopefully, my current appearance wouldn’t bother them either.

An early teenage sweetheart is something special.

Even in the event, it didn’t end well. These memories are enduring and seem to strengthen as time goes by. However, that person is lost in your life and you cannot go back in time there is- no time machine. Often the driving force to reconnect is guilt on your part as you feel you let them down. Of course, do keep in mind (even after 50 years has elapsed) them may still harbor a grudge towards you.

To trace a lost friend- If it’ something you feel is important, profound and “you must do” then we can often help in reconnecting you. Sometimes the search can be amazingly easy and in other cases, its taken-YEARS to achieve. Not to mention sometimes abject and total failure.

Forgive the indulgence- Here are some of my favourite places as a teenager;- Carnaby Street was a favourite haunt of mine. Clacton-Upon-Sea, Jaywick Sands, Lowestoft, New Forest. These were locations my friend and I would” head off for”, for the weekend. We were restricted by finances and living in Luton, and apart from the New Forest, these locations were not so far away. Also, we were influenced by our parents who could never afford to take us much further for holidays. However, we never felt deprived as we loved all of these locations.

For sure you can rekindle memories by revisiting these places and locations where you spent time together.

But the missing ingredients will always be the crucial absence of that very special person. The one whom you were with at that time.

We are specialist tracers of lost friends.

Since 1962 our founder “John” has indulged in lost people tracing.

Created January 2020 friends reconnected.

Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

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