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Persevere & Long Lost Friends | Can be Reunited.


Trace a lost friend

Trace a lost friend and how to approach it. 

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Tracing a lost friend. When successfully achieved inspires warm feelings and nostalgic emotions on both sides.

With the passage of time sadly old memories gradually begin to fade. But those which do remain seem to grow in importance. What can be nicer than to see that special old friend once again.

When Tracing a long lost mate expect a challenging task ahead

Memories of times and events hitherto forgotten suddenly crystallize. Good fun times and places you spent together so long ago, Events exclusively and special only to you both are rekindled.

Each event recollected is supplemented with filling in the “blanks”. Which either one of one of you had perhaps forgotten.

Gradually, as we cast our minds back more and more, further memories spring to life. Each one vying with the other as the floodgates begin to open. Peppered with laughter at some of the daft pranks you both got up to!

To trace a lost friend is something very personal, unique, and quite special.

Indeed with today’s digital technology it’s so easy. All you need to do is exchange emails/Facebook info and you never need lose touch.

This of course was a luxury we never had available 40 years ago.

Today’s generation will rarely need to employ people such as us:-people tracers!

Today all your friends are stored digitally. Not dependant on postal addresses and/or landline telephone numbers. Which of course often changed over the years. That’s how my generation so often lost touch with old friends.

To Trace a lost friend, even wtih today digital technology represent a tough call.

It’s not as easy as just simply typing in a name persons name and up it comes! Try entering in:- Fred Smith last seen 1965, lived in Rotherham. Here we see digital searches deliver no advanteges. Just try it, and see for your self. Even if you add more information such as: schools attneded, and other keywords, zero, to little change.

Of course in an ideal world we would not forget to remind our friends of these changes. But we are, all guilty, of simply postponing it until tomorrow – which often never comes.

Perhaps we have a new job, in a different of the country, or a new girl/friend Husband/wife or moved abroad. Or simply just travelled a lot. It’s easy to subconsciously/side-line an old friend.

Trace an old flames

First loves and childhood sweethearts, often suffer the same fate-too.

However there is a difference with this category. When these type of relationships break down keeping in contact was never on the agenda. Becuase usually in these cases some acrimony and ill-will was involved. Indeed, specifcally due to the break-up, it’s was not expected either party would be keeping in touch.

But as time rolls by, with maturity and a more balanced perspective, regrets, and feelings of guilt in letting down the other side, can become strong emotions. Leaving a burning desire to reach out again, to that person. Even if no more than to say- sorry!

With the clock ticking- time to “do it” is more urgent.

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