People Tracing Charges

Trace A lost Friend UK

Trace A Lost Friend UK
Not seen you since 1972 To think today you might be languishing in some awful elderly care home! Going to find you!

People Tracing Professional Charges

£125.00 upon taking on the case, with a balance of a further £125.00 when we have found the person you are looking for.

Yes- we know many of you expected to pay around £25.00-right?

Indeed you may have seen a number of adverts offering tracing services for such an amount.

But it only works if there is a known address within the last 5 years. Chances are you do not have this information. Or if you do, then any one of these £25.00 finder services will suffice.

We know what they do:- It simply involves no more than a few internet clicks and ‘voila’ -you have found them- or not. Indeed if we offered the same service level, we would also charge no more than £25.00 for such simple traces.

Be our guest and see where it takes you. In fact, you could go to 192. com and do the job yourself.

This is not what we are about at all.

We are specialist archive research historic tracers.

Trace A lost Friend UK

Take a look here to understand the kind of thing we are usually up-against- Case studies

Delving deep into perhaps a school attended some 50 years ago, university, military service, workmates, and so forth. Or painstakingly having to find an elderly ex-neighbor or their siblings to give us the link. Visiting local library archives, perusing The “British Library” records, and ships manifest records to verify if the person emigrated- or not. That’s just for starters!!

To give an idea of what you might expect to pay for a deep professional criss-cross historic trace, similar to ours, here- is a link with a well-known established name such as:- Finder Monkey

Their charges are £1047.00. Which frankly keeping in mind the time often spent on these cases is-not unreasonable

Before commencing

We will (F.O.C) study/analyse the case. Then give an honest opinion as to the likelihood of a successful outcome. Then, and if we agree to proceed, the following:

An upfront research payment of £125.00. Balance when we find the person.

Additional and Pre-Agreed costs

Where applicable and agreed beforehand, you may be liable for travel (car, train or taxi), especially when venturing into central London. We make no charge just ask for the costs. Or to access certain data not normally available to the public.


Definition of what constitutes concluding the job:- Where we are in possession of a current address and or phone number. At this point before providing the address/ tel number we require any outstanding payments to be made.

In the unlikely event, our information is incorrect we will pursue it further or provide a refund.