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Trace a lost friend UK
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Trace A lost Friend Costs

Before formally proceeding on any Trace A lost Friend UK search, we always conduct (free of charge) an extensive amount of research. Thus enabling us to assess whether or not we might achieve a successful people tracing outcome. This does not in any way guarantee a favourable end result.

It’s more a case of enabling us to honestly advise you if we feel our people tracing services can deliver. It is at least a”starter”.

Our old friend finder costs are:-£300.00

Payable in two-stages see below.

The first payment of £150.00 once we have concluded our initial research and you formally ask us to proceed. This enables us to devote some time and financial resources towards the case. Giving us the leeway to purchase; birth, marriage, and/or divorce certificates. As well as name changes certificate (deed poll), ships passenger list, a trip to the British Library and any other contingencies.

The final balance of a further £150.00 becomes due upon reaching a successful conclusion. By definition; we are in possession of a full postal address, and/or telephone number (if not ex-directory) or an email.

In the unlikely event, the information supplied is incorrect we will either pursue it further or provide a refund of the second part of the payment. We will not provide any refunds where the individual for whatever reason fails to make contact with you.


Take a look at some aspect of a typical research case we might undertake.

Delving deep into the records of a school attended some 50 years ago. Or university, military service, workmates, and so forth. Sometimes painstakingly having to find an elderly ex-neighbour or their siblings, to give us the link.

Visiting local library archives, perusing The “British Library” records and ships manifest records to verify if the person emigrated- or not. That’s just for starters!!

To gain an idea of what you might expect to pay elsewhere for a deep professional criss-cross historic trace similar to ours see attached links.