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Firstly we always conduct (free of charge) viability research. Before you/we can decide whether to proceed formally on your Trace A lost Friend UK search.

To give you an idea of the cost generally associated with this kind of service. Here are the costs for two of our competitors: Basically one currently charges around £300.00 but varies depending on the complexity of the case. The second one charges £1040.00.

Then you have us at £300.00.

Here are two screenshots.1. Costs, just over £1000.00

Number 2, total £300.00.

Our charges are Payable in two parts. An initial £150.00. This is payable after our free research has been concluded, and you/we decide to go ahead. 

We use the first payment to provide us with the leeway to thoroughly research the case. Meticulously going through time-consuming archives of birth, marriages, and/or divorce records. As well as historic electoral registers. Moreover, it gives us a cost cushion for disbursement. There are numerous other tasks we need to perform but too numerous to cover here.

Second and final payment of £150.00

Becomes due upon reaching a successful conclusion. By definition; we are in possession of a full postal address and or confirmed email. A landline telephone number (although these days very rare) as most people seem to have a mobile device).

Overseas traces.

For this type of search, an additional payment of £150.00 is applied. Which will be added to the up-front costs.

These additional costs are to cover the local support we shall additionally incur to progress the case. It doesn’t matter which agency you decide to use, they cannot possess the same local connection resources on-tap as a local agent.

From our experience, local support people will not lift a finger without so much as at least £100.00 up-front. We will have to front that payment from day one. Without a local partner to oil the wheels, frankly, it cannot be done.

Are there any guarantees of a successful outcome? In a nutshell-NO.

Anyone offering such claims in our opinion is being politely, very optimistic shall we say. We have a high reputation for moving heaven and earth to find your lost friend. However, we never go beyond offering our very best endeavours backed up by client:- testimonials.

Some agencies claim very high per cent success rates – we don’t!

Why not? Well for a start… can we prove it? Are you going to spend a day in our offices perusing our success/failure files? So, it’s a silly statement. Anyone offering such guarantees we suggest-steer clear!

In the unlikely event the information supplied is incorrect (it’s triple verified) we will either pursue it further or provide a refund of the second part of the payment.

We will not provide any refunds where the individual is ultimately proven to be deceased, fails or indeed refuses to make contact with you.


Take a look at some aspects of a typical research case we might undertake.

Delving deep into the records of a school attended some 50 years ago. Or university, military service, workmates, and so forth.

Sometimes painstakingly having to find an elderly ex-neighbour, or their siblings to give us the link.

Visiting local library archives records. As well as ships manifest records to verify if the person emigrated- or not. That’s just for starters!! As we said 30 hours is conservative.

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