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Trace A lost Friend UK How Much Will It Cost?

Trace A Lost Friend UK
Not seen you since 1972. To think today you might be languishing in some awful elderly care home! Going to find you!

People Tracing Professional Charges

From our research professional people tracing charges range between:-£200-£1000 per case.

Without sounding evasive, in order to provide you with an accurate price, we do need the basics of what is involved. Thus enabling us to assess it’s complexity, or otherwise.

We will then free of charge and without obligation, conduct pre-instruction research,

Once we have completed the research and given our findings, you/we can then decide whether or not to proceed with the search.

At this stage, we will ask for a formal instruction” payment of £150.00. This will enable us to invest our time and cost that we incur.

The balance of a further £150.00 payable on a successful conclusion.

Clarification of the people finder fees structure.

Of recent, we have noted one or two tracing firms are offering a no find-no fee service. Seems very nice, but In our humble opinion delivers a watered-down service.

What will happen is if it’s a tricky case it, will become sidelined/quietly ditched.

Nobody can be expected to work on a case for days on end, without receiving so much as one penny for their time!

Moreover, if you are unable to provide an actual last address within the last 5 years it’s usually a no-go.

Trace A lost Friend UK

We are specialist archive research historic tracers, who do not wish to participate in gimmicky marketing.

Take a look here to understand the kind of thing we are usually up-against- Case studies

Delving deep into perhaps a school attended some 50 years ago. Or a university, military service, workmates, and so forth. Sometimes painstakingly having to find an elderly ex-neighbour, or their siblings to give us the link.

Visiting local library archives, perusing The “British Library” records, and ships manifest records to verify if the person emigrated- or not. That’s just for starters!!

To gain an idea of what you might expect to pay elsewhere for a deep professional criss-cross historic trace similar to ours for example: ‘Finder Monkey’ it is -£1047.00. Which frankly keeping in mind the time often spent on these cases, is-not unreasonable.


Definition of what constitutes concluding the job:- Where we are in possession of a current address, and or phone number. At this point before providing the address/ tel number we require any outstanding payments to be made. If the individual has passed away- deceased (we will provide a death certificate) but no refunds will be entertained.

In the unlikely event, our information is incorrect we will pursue it further or provide a refund. We will not provide any refunds where the individual refuses to make contact with you. This is the risk you take. Although we do often work as a mediator for you.

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