Names withheld to respect privacy and DATA protection compliance. Note: We are aware and appreciate the odd sceptic might question their validity without supporting names.

Client 1.

Letter from Australia
Ex Pat in Australia in her 80s.

Client 2.

We reconnected a lady with an ex holiday romance love. She lives in the UK, he returned to the USA. Not seen each other since 1974 where they met in Spain.

Hi John. It’s just over a month since you found xxx for me, so I thought I would keep in touch with an update. SO FAR everything is still going well, and we have exchanged over 100 e-mails!! So we must be doing something right! We mail each other every day or other day allowing for a ten-hour time difference! 

How long it will last for is anyone’s guess, but we seem to still have quite a lot in common! We exchange photos of all sorts of things from work projects to family pics etc. Thanks to you and xxxx, I’ll try to keep you in touch each month or so. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Best regards.


Client 3.

Once again many thanks for finding Richard for me, now I  have to find the courage to pick up the phone. Regards Claire 


Client 4.

Hi John I feel you have made fantastic progress in a few days, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend Frances 

Hello Frances.
Just to let you know we have located him xxxx. Good news-eh! He is still; in Norwich!

Hi John that is fantastic news, Frances

Thought you would be pleased! John

Hi John I have sent xxxx so you can treat your self to a bottle of wine Thanks for all your work Frances


Client 5.

Here unfortunately we eventually had a sad ending. The Lady we searched for died almost 20 years ago.

Hi, I would very much like to contact a friend who disappeared from my life in about 1974. I fear she may think I grassed her up, which I didn’t .
Please advise me how to start your search.
With kind regards

Gillian Dob xxxx 1947
Parents XX
Sisters XXX
Child XXX
Born Durham
Childhood Great Witley Worcs

Married ? 1974
Kidderminster high school. Hull university 1966-9 Cambridge university 1969-70
BOAC air hostess ?1972-4 Lived Kensington
Ham house Richmond Park?1974 Putney or Barnes? 1975
House boat Barnes
?1975? Divorced  ? Remarried
Last I saw of her

Hiya John,’

It’s really close here today. We are in a narrow valley, surrounded by boggy hills …..oops …

Thank you for such a good service, and although I am more upset about xxxx dying so young, I can contact her sisters xxx and xxxx. Sadly, I imagine her parents were probably still alive… nothing worse and such lovely people. I will recommend your services. All best wishes to you both H


Client 6.  Liverpool Trace

Good Morning John, Sincere thanks for providing a successful result. You clearly have a skill and a passion for this sort of thing, and it is good to still do something that brings a buzz. Best wishes to you. Steve


Client 7.

Living In New Zealand


Good morning.

Many, many thanks for the latest Sensational News.

Really looking forward to receiving all of XXX Contact information. I am sure we will have lots to talk about.

It will be so good to be able to communicate with her once again after all these years.




Client 8.

Hi John just to let you know that Lynne contacted me via email on June 7th, and somehow I missed it. Anyway, I was pleased to hear they are happy and well and enjoying their retirement in Wales. It has taken a weight off my mind to know this.

Thanks again for your help it is most appreciated.