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Testimony Loraine Elvin

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I found this site purely by accident. One afternoon and Intrigued I contacted John at Friends Reconnected in the hopes he could help me find a dear friend for my mum. Someone with whom she had lost touch many years before and up until that point I had got nowhere.

From the first email, I got the impression of a professional personal and caring gentleman. One who would do his utmost to help me and this carried through to the end of my journey.

Sadly midway through the search, John, unfortunately, discovered mums dear old friend had passed away (actually 15 years ago).

Under friends Reconnected terms and conditions in these circumstances, the final payment balance is still due. I accepted that from the beginning and was quite expecting to pay.

Instead, what happened was; John first expressed his sadness at the awful news then secondly proceeded to waive the final 50% balance due. I can say without any flattery, he seemed really genuinely upset at what he saw as letting my mum down. Moreover, mum does not enjoy the best of health and John wanted to mitigate the disappointment. He felt he did not possess the heart to charge me/her.

In fact, if I was cynical, John could have withheld this information until after I had made the second, and final payment.

Needless to say I cannot recommend john and his service highly enough.
Loraine Elvin

I can be contacted via friends Reconnected.

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