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Reuniting with a lost friend Lost Friends Going about- reuniting with a lost friend. Many of us as we travel on our journey through life accumulate various types of friends. It could be a close mate, school friend, or a special romance-sweetheart. | Sadly, the majority of these relationships either alter or simply just disappear […]


Where is my old friend

Seeking old friends Find old friends. Going about Finding an old friend-a joyous pursuit! Extract from recollections by one of our former clients. “Amazingly it’s now more than 50 years since Terry, and I last met! That bittersweet temptation to go back in time. I have a drive and passion o find old friends such […]

Find Missing People

Find Missing People | UK

Find Missing People UK Trying to find long lost relatives or missing people is not at all easy- although claimed to be by some. It’s like going through a labyrinth of mostly dead-ends. We know this to be the case from many years of experience See here free Google page: PEOPLE FINDING. Find Old Friends […]