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Australia | N.Z | Ex-Pats Friends Reunited

Australia UK Friends Reunited Australia UK Friends Reunited | Ex-Pats Friends Reuniting Service  |  Reconnecting Emigrants:- To And From Australia New Zealand | UK and Ireland. This dedicated people finding services sector- Australia and New Zealand was formed as a special friend reunited resource for OZ and NZ. Our Innovative Australia UK Friends Reunited service […]

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Trace lost friends | Times Gone by | times to come!

Trace Lost Friends Where are you, my old friend? -Trace Lost Friends is what we do. As we enter a new year I often wonder how many of my old friends are still out there -somewhere! Remember Carnaby Street, 1967! Tracing long lost friends If I could somehow achieve it- I would love to reconnect […]

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How to Find Someone

Find someone I lost touch with- We all at some stage lose a friend. How to find Find a friend Find someone I lost touch with- Lost friends. We lose them through our own stupidity, in death, to distance, and over the course of time. But even though they may be lost, hope is not. The key is to […]

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Nostalgia And The Past

Pining to return to your youth? Nostalgia pining for the past is something that reaches all of us, from time to time. Perhaps not by design, but nostalgia does provide a poignant reminder as to our own mortality. Nostalgia retracing your past Find Lost Friends – We are here to help you achieve it. Find […]