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    Tracing Lost Friends | Maybe an Old Flame

    Tracing a lost friend from|the dim and distant past Find a lost friend in the UK For us, it offers a most stimulating challenge and one which we relish. The sheer Adrenalin kick we get when we have found your special dear old friend,  ‘lost love’ the one who got- away! Finding your lost friend why’s and wherefores. Among the many reasons given there-is one which stands out. Not so intense and immediately understandable but it does really resonate. So, what is it? Metaphorically we take them aboard a  “time machine” vehicle. With time marching on many people want to occasionally escape the tiresome grip of today’s living. To be…

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    Searching for lost friends

    Lost Friends As the years roll by, sadly and logically, our old and lost friends become a fading memory. For many looking back isn’t so important and the past-is-the-past. But for others, there is a void in their lives with many regrets as to how contact with lost friends, was lost. For many its curiosity as to how their lives turned out, what they did and doing now etc. Also a curiosity as to how they look today, how much they have changed etc. Lost friends are precious. Lost sweethearts. This is a more tricky and complex area,  Obviously, whatever happened in the past, the fact is it resulted in…

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    Find an Old Girlfriend | Then Look No Further

    What are the chances of finding a former girl or boyfriend? Looking for someone you lost touch with? Finding a long lost Friend……. EASY….hmmm! Finding A long-lost Girlfriend/Boyfriend we can say is usually an extremely challenging undertaking. If it was not, no doubt you would have already found them yourself without resorting to contacting us. There are broadly speaking two categories-Easy and -Very Difficult. If for example, you have the person’s full name, age, and location (town) -very easy. It takes 5 minutes.  There is enough software to easily find them. You can do it DIY and never come into contact with people such as us. When trying to find…

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    Friends Reunited & Reconnected

    A Friend from your distant past! Friends reunited | reconnected. Lost Friends reunited. Finding lost friends from way back. Although a very tough call, if you really want it – we can and do, find them. We provide UK People Finder professional services. Guidance and advice Friends Tracing. To Find Lost Friends Why’s and the reasons behind it. Friends reunited | reconnected. As the years roll by usually we marry and raise our children. Dote on our own grandchildren etc.etc. At the same time, we are ourselves moving inexorably forward towards old age and retirement. Many people at this stage of their lives are often bewildered at how many things…

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    Find an old girlfriends maiden name

    Lost love where are you now? Finding a lost sweetheart (an old flame) You only remember your ex-girlfriend’s first name. Can we find them? It’s still theoretically possible but, only if we have the full names of any friends or relatives. With that information and not a common surname such as “Smith” we will give it a go. Without that information, it’s virtually impossible. UNLESS you are prepared to spend literally £1000’s on the search. A question many of our enquirers are keen to know about Where are you now (of course) and what are you doing? Happy? How has life been for you?  Married, are you a grandparent, etc.…

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    Lost Sweetheart – How Can I Find Them?

    Reconnecting A Lost Girlfriend Reconnecting With Lost Sweetheart Obviously it goes without saying that for whatever reason, the first time around it never worked out. However, we often see the second time around it often DOES work out. When the relationship fizzled out before they both thought, being together again would never happen. Yet here they are again now- today, and even more in love than before. Having spoken in-depth to a good few of these old friend seekers some of the reasons for finding their old boy/girlfriend was interesting. Why do people seek to reconnect with their teenage sweetheart For those who are not in any relationship at this…

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    People Finder in UK – We Find Your Absent Lost Friends

    UK People Finding -Services Finding People since 1962 People Finding UK-Reminiscing about that old friend? The One You Foolishly let go! We can help you find them once again. Hopefully, you can make your peace with them. People Finding UK Is for sure fascinating as well as an intriguing pursuit. But at the same time more often than not a very frustrating process too. You ask: “Where are you now my dear lost sweetheart? Are you happy, alone, abroad, living around the corner? ….etc. etc.” Answer: We will do our best to find them, enabling you to ask them these specific questions and more People Finder -reminiscing about that old…

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    Trace An Ex-Girl Friend

    Find Your Ex-Girl Friend | Or Old Flame Find an ex-girlfriend. Let’s look at how to begin. The logical route is, of course, to start at the beginning. Retracing all the steps which you can recall:- locations, names of any friends, and family members. As an example to find your ex-girl friend-Jean Watson, we start with where she was born -Brighton. DOB would be a bonus but if not the approximate year. Usually, amongst young people at the time, an age gap is narrow. So, we research Jean Watson birth records between say- in your case 1946 to 1949. We begin the task to find an ex-girlfriend by initially searching…

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    Find Lost Friends and Relive Your Past

    Lost friends we find them. Find Lost Friends, People Tracing, or search for Lost Friends. Lost relatives or an ex-Sweetheart. Is it becoming a dying art? Tracing lost friends Is it today, quite easy with the internet? No, it isn’t! Although digital access means you can conduct much of the research from your armchair. However, at some time in your research, you will probably hit a brick wall. So, to succeed, you will still need to occasionally revert to old-fashioned methods. Is tracing lost friends become a dying art? Yes, and No. However, soon with the rapid progress in digital technology, etc. Finding an old friend the conventional way-checking library…

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    People Finder – Let Us Find Your Old Lost Friends

    People Finder Assignments People Finder UK services also focus very much on Scotland and Ireland too. We are seeing a marked increase in popularity especially amongst the older generation seeking to find people who got last along the way. Whether it be an old school friend, early adolescent or a childhood sweetheart. Find old friends. Our People finder tracing services endeavour to reunite you with those who for various reasons are no longer part of your life. Find old friends. Reuniting you both (reconnecting) is for sure not a walk-in-the-park. Because not only can it be sometimes very frustrating it’s fair to say, it also takes up huge amounts of…