How To Find a lost friend

Reuniting with a long lost friend Reuniting with a lost friend is often a most challenging task. Many of us as we travel on our journey through life, accumulate various types of close friends. It could be a close mate, school friend, or a special romance-sweetheart. Sadly, the majority of these relationships alter or simply […]


Tracing lost friends – Times Gone by & times to come!

Trace Lost Friends Where are you, my old friend? Trace Lost Friends As we enter a new year I often wonder how many of my old friends are still out there somewhere-today? Remembering Carnaby Street, 1967! If I could somehow achieve it- I would love to reconnect with all of them. Why you may ask? […]

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UK Find People-Tracing Lost Friends

Find People UK a service dedicated to reconnecting long lost friends People find services bring together again, once inseparable friends from the distant past. Lost, but once very special people in their lives. Find People UK and how to go about it We make a reality of the so-called impossible dream–for so many people of […]