Long For A Past Love | Regrets-Yes

To pine and long For | A Past Love Do you long for a Past Love? Long for a lost love and want to know how best to find them? Quite easy, after all, there are only 7.5 trillion people out there to choose from. In the U.K. alone, you have more than 60, 000 […]

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Trace a long lost friend | How to go about it

People Finder | Tracing lost friends People Finder UK To Trace a long lost friend-People Finding-People-Tracing. What to do and How to go-about-it? How the lost friend tracing market is changing. We think that probably in around 20 years from now there will simply be no more- or very few. Why is that? Finding Lost […]


Reconnecting with a Long Lost Love

Reconnect with a long lost love -Finding that old flame-It’s quite possible to sometimes trace them. But is it a….good idea? Reconnect to long lost sweetheart Reconnect with a long lost love-Some useful advice and tips. Firstly and most important question is: are you in a position to give that person a real future together. […]


Find a Friend | Someone you Lost Touch With

Reconnect With A Friend Who You Lost Touch With Reconnect to a lost friend | One Whom You Lost Touch With Despite social media making it vastly easier than say 30 years ago to stay in touch. Young people age (20-30) are renowned to be amongst the worst culprits for not staying in touch. People […]


Find Special Friends | From The Distant Past.

Reconnecting With A Lost Love Reconnecting with A Lost Love. We focus on those aged Over 60 who wish to reconnect with An Old Sweetheart. “That special one who got away”_see article here Finding a long lost friend When reconnecting with a special old friend from long ago, does appears to be growing in popularity. […]


A Lost Romance | Rekindled

Rekindling lost romance Tracing A Long Lost Friend U.K A Modern Love story column One which Depicts a romance that ended abruptly due to a terrible misunderstanding. Amazingly the relationship was successfully resurrected. That is even after more than 40 years had elapsed. We are U.K. Premier lost friend finders Rekindling lost romance – Lost […]

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Tracing your past |  lost friends Retracing your past and lost friends 1973 -2019 Hello Again!Long lost Buddies. Be it 30, 40, 50 years or more- we can find you-reuniting old -flames! Our innovative and tenacious determination makes the perceived impossible……..POSSIBLE. Retracing Your Past And Lost Friends | How To! Tracing old mates, ex-girl/boyfriends, childhood […]

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People Finder Assignments People Finder UK services are seeing a marked increase in popularity especially amongst the older generation seeking to Find Lost People from thie distant past. Our People Finder services reunite you with those, who for various reasons are no longer part of your life . Reuniting you both (reconnecting) is for sure […]


Find long Lost Friends

People Tracing. To Find Lost Friends- A Relatives Or an ex- Sweetheart is it becoming a dying art? Find lost friends-a question- Is it today really quite easy with the intenet? No, it isnt! Althought digital means you can comduct much of the research from your armchair. However at some time in your researsch you […]

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Reconnect | With Long Lost Friends

Find Lost Friends Reconnect Lost Friends. We at People Finder UK proudly enjoy the honour and distinction, of often being commissioned by individuals to retrace their steps. Stepping back to memorable times from the distant past. Where are you now? A question we deliver answers for them. To Reconnect Lost Friends is both highly intricate, as […]