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Find An Old Girl Friend From The Distant Past

To Find An Old Girl Friend Or Old Flame How to find an old girl friend? The logical route is of course to start at the beginning. Retracing all your steps of what you can recall about locations, names of any friends, and family members. As an example Jean Watson was born in Brighton. DOB […]

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Find a Lost Sweetheart Where Are You Now?

Find a lost sweetheart. I cant believe its more than 50 years since we first met.  How has your life panned out? I would love to know.  Amazing for me Just to think that wild child hippie I met all those years ago is now possibly a- mum and grandma. Questions, Questions! For many of […]

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How Can I Find Somebody I Once Knew a Long Time Ago

Reconnecting A Lost Girlfriend Reconnecting With Lost Sweetheart Obviously it goes without saying that for whatever reason, the first time around it never worked out. However we often see the second time around it often DOES work out. When the relationship fizzled out before, they both thought being together again would never happen. Yet here […]


Lost Friends

FINDING Lost Friends-especially the ones from your distant past! Although a very tough call if you really want it, quite often we can and do find them. Guidance and advice on Finding a lost friend Why’s and reasons behind it. As the years roll by, usually we marry and raise our children, dote on our […]

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Tracing Lost Friends Maybe an Old Flame

Tracing a lost friend from the dim and distant past Our role. For us it offers a most stimulating challenge and one which we relish. The sheer Adrenalin kick we get when we have found your special dear old friend,  ‘lost love’ the one who got- away! Finding your lost friend why’s and wherefores. Among […]


Reconnecting With an Old Girl Friend is It Wise?

Reconnect with an old flame Is it a good idea to Reconnect with an old flame an old girl or boy friend? Reconnect with an old flame .Here are some illuminating points we learned when assisting clients in searching for a long-lost sweetheart. Questions. Is it worth the trouble?   Reconnect with an old flame the big […]


How To Find Someone from your Past

Find somone from your past. Truly one of the greatest joys in life is to be able to reconnect with a long lost friend. Especially when its an old flame! However be in no doubt, the task offers quite a lot of challenges along the way. Especially if the relationshp broke down in acrimoniosly circumstances […]