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How Many Friends Should I Have?

You only need a few.

A successful friendship is quite easily achieved. Having two or three close friends with whom you can be yourself is worth a dozen followers or friends on social media.

To make a friend, you must first be a friend. If you’re lonely, reduce the amount of time you spend scrolling through feeds on social media, engaging in superficial exchanges, and increasing the amount of time you spend meeting face-to-face or talking on the phone with someone.

Is It Okay To Be Vulnerable?

Lots of people are afraid of being vulnerable and putting their faith in others. Growing up, you may have received conditional signals about your appearance, interests, or behaviour.

You may have been bullied at school, and as a result, you may feel a great deal of shame and doubt about your likeability. As a result, you withdraw and avoid exposing yourself to the public.

Our vulnerability is the only way we can connect deeply with others. You may have to start small. Go out into the world brave and with perseverance. Start with a shared activity or group where there is less pressure to interact face-to-face.

Where Can I Find New Friends?

Be Persistent.

You may have to search to discover your ‘tribe.’ We all need individuals who understand us, who share our hobbies, interests, and oddities.

If you don’t have somebody to connect with on your doorstep, you may need to broaden your search and look further afield.

Finding friends is where the internet can genuinely help us because it allows us to connect with individuals worldwide.¬†However, it’s not easy to find old friends online.

If your first attempts fail, don’t get disheartened. Consider yourself a curious explorer who is accumulating a variety of experiences. Have faith that friendships will develop over time.

What About Rejection?

Remember that most people are friendly.

If you had a terrible childhood, you might not have seen the more refined characteristics of human nature up close and personal, and you may be fearful of rejection. You can probably count on more of the same.

There is a lot of pain and fury globally, yet most people are compassionate and enjoy helping others. Many people have had their fair share of challenges, and they might share their stories.

If someone appears to have it all together in their life, it is highly unlikely to be accurate and more likely to be a facade.

On the other hand, human nature’s flaws bond us together and maybe a significant source of support and encouragement.

What If I Get Hurt Again?

Don’t take things personally.

Avoid analysis paralysis by not taking things too personally. When a friend cancels, it’s usually because they’re too busy or dealing with personal issues.

Instead of assuming the worst-case scenario, such as “I’m unlikeable,” recognize your worth. If someone constantly disappoints you, you may not want to invest in a long-term friendship with them.

How Do I Stand Up For Myself?

Know your worth as a friend.

Garnering a Successful friendship. Rather than focusing on your perceived shortcomings or comparing yourself to others, consider what you have to offer in terms of friendship: your sense of humour, thoughtfulness, passion, unique musical tastes, love of tattoos, animals, or whatever it is. In friendship, each of us has a lot to offer and share. It’s worth it to take a chance to experience the delight of genuine connection.

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