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Reuniting With A Long Lost Friend
My old friend-Image Taken back 1976

Reuniting with a lost friend

Many of us as we travel on our journey through life, accumulate various types of friends. It could be a close mate, school friend, or a special romance-sweetheart.

Sadly, the majority of these relationships either alter or simply just disappear through the passage of time.  There are many reasons why, but amongst the most common are- relocation, change of circumstances, new friends superseding the old.

It’s often the case that contact was originally lost due to a gradual fading away of regular contact. Nothing dramatic, or abrupt it just inexplicably happened. There are of course a host of others- too numerous to cover here.

Friends Reunited|Reconnecting with old friends

As our lives go through various stages and circumstances it’s inevitable sometimes old friends are (inadvertently) moved aside in favour of newly acquired ones. Old friends often recede in priority in over new ones. There is something special about old friends who are always dependable and “still there” despite anything and everything.

It’s common to have a number of different best friends along your journey through life. However, these friendships change due to circumstances and some often sadly just fade away.

Only later does it eventually ‘click’ that perhaps you treated that old friend quite shabbily. Took them for granted, knowing they will always be there regardless.

Reuniting with a lost friend-how to?

As a starter, we suggest the following: Speak to any mutual friends whom you both may have been acquainted with. The more people you can find who you were both associated with: the better chance of a successful trace.

Try approaching old school mates whom you both knew, and people you grew up with.

Find if there is a listing of places such as a youth club haunt you both might have attended. Basically, do not leave any stone unturned.

Electoral Registers.

They are a very useful source for tracing old friends from the distant past. You can often comb these directories as far back as the early 20th century.

However, without the precise road where they lived at that time, it becomes a mammoth task. \you need to spend time combing these old directories; from end-to-end. There are also some local libraries’, as well as old telephone and Kelly’s directories which can be useful. All of these books can potentially lead to fining your old friend.

What about using Facebook and other social media platform?

When seeking to find a long lost friend, social media is a useful tool. Why:- Well, did you know that more than 70% of adults in the UK use Facebook.

Equally important, it’s the most popular platform amongst the age 50 -80’s age group. This is the main age range of users for our services.

Conversely, Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular platform amongst the under 25’s.

People Finder websites

There are a number of such organizations to be found out there- all ostensibly offer what seems, to the layperson, very similar services. However, significantly and not so well known, most of these agencies require an address for the individual/s within the last 5 years (sometimes 10).

This enables them to carry very quick online trace checks. If they are licensed debt collection type people (or similar) that have access to this information easily.

So, if you know where they resided within the last 5 years the trace should be routine and straight forward.

Indeed usually these traces take no more than a few minutes and cost around £30.00.

The other type o search is what we offer. They are historic tracing services going back many decades.

Taking up far more time and brainpower. Often taking up to one year or more, to conclude. These are the type of people search traces we undertake.

People Find Traces

Such as the ones we undertake can often in some cases, stretch right back to the 1940s. Actually very little online stuff helps very much here.

It involves checking through non-digital numerous archive records. Birth, Marriage, divorces, deaths, Deed poll, and ship passenger lists. You will not get a quick result on these types of searches. These types of searches (frankly), cannot be undertaken for a fee of £30.00. Can you imagine working;- day-in, day-out, for months on end for 30 quid!

Conclusion. What are the chances of a successful reconnection-with an old friend -or old flame?

Based on feedback: It’s about 50/50. There can be much to be gained when you eventually reconnect with that lost friend. But, if the first time around you rather abandoned or let that person down, there is a quite high percentage chance of them not wishing to renew contact. Even if more than 50 years have elapsed since you last met.

This prominently applies mainly in the case of broken romantic connections.

You damaged their ego leaving them with a bitter after-taste. Feeling mentally bruised and injured that you once “ditched them” or so they think.

‘Spurned lovers’ are notoriously unforgiving even when many years have gone by since.

Equally and quite significant, even when lost friends are happy to renew acquaintances sadly often the reconnection does not last long. Very disappointing when you have moved ‘heaven and earth’ to find them again.

We see many cases where once the initial novelty and euphoria of finding them has ‘worn off’ the friendship fizzles- out.

This is one of the downsides of social media, you don’t need to try so hard to retain a connection. The individual is permanently on tap, at the touch of a button on the keyboard. Thus taking some of the magic excitement we have now lost with digital communications. They simply become an addition to their social media book. Making, them frankly a bit sloppy about it.

We can’t say for sure but in our opinion: Once mutual recollections are exhausted, there is nothing much new to be said/added. Consequently, now finding themself being boxed into a corner with nothing much more to add they decide to end communications.

So. all-in-all -It’s a bit of a gamble.

But if you really want to give it a go- you could always try us, or another of similar type agencies.

Good  luck Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

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