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Returning to the days and places of my youth


Returning to the days of my youth
Luton Early 1950s

Returning to the days of my youth.

Remembering the late 950s-1960’s. Looking back to those broad sunlit uplands! My final years at school to my teens and some of those memories.

Music is one of the greatest storer of our memories. A time and a place then the music! The music element is which brings it all together its power is immense. Think of a song which often jogs thoughts and recollections of whom you were with at that time. Music of nostalgia combined with a trail of semi dormant memories, and we are back there again! Returning to the days of my youth has for me a massive amount of pulling power.

The embroidery is the location of places you were at together. 

Which music artists/groups do I most remember from those heady days?

  1. Michael Holliday.  Jan   1961    Why Am I So Starry Eyed
  2. Matt Monro           Feb  1967     Softly As I Leave You
  3. Adam Faith           Nov  1959     What Do You Want   
  4. Georgie Fame       Feb  1966     Sunny 
  5. Roy Orbison          Apr   !963     In Dreams
  6. The Kinks              May 1966    Sunny Afternoon
  7. Scott Walker          April 1966   The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”
  8. Righteous Bros.     Feb 1965    You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
  9. Dusty Springfield   Mar 1967    The Look of Love
  10. Dave Clarke 5       Mar  1964    Glad All Over

I get weepy and wistful for those bright days we took for granted.

I am trying to find a group where people search for old loves, or perhaps someone they just saw once at a club “one night in Spain in ‘76”. Or maybe on the tube train or sitting on a park bench one summers day. All fleeting moments and no more than a tiny speck in time, but somewhere you would love to return to. Even though the charm and beauty of youth has today eroded their appearance somewhat what they have is to you irreplaceable.

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