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Nostalgia Pining for the Past – Let’s Find Your Old Friends

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Find an old girlfriend?

Retracing your steps. Is there someone out there whom you really seriously miss? A once so special person in your life where fate intervened and set you both on different paths. The one that got away.

Find an old girlfriend?
Its Been 50 Years Since We Last Met Where Are You Now My Dear Lady?

Find Lost Friends – We are here to help you achieve it.

Was it significantly perhaps a first love whom you were once absolutely inseparable with. Was it the other person who broke it off, or was it you? If it was the other person the instigator are you ready to risk another rebuff? The chances are they are (frustratingly) out there somewhere but the million dollar question is-where?

Tiller Girls
Who remembers the Tiller Girls?

Nostalgia pining for the past is something that reaches all of us from time to time. Perhaps not by design, but nostalgia does provide a poignant reminder as to our own mortality.


Find A Long Lost Friend

Retracing your steps, distant wonderful and enduring memories of times long gone and that hitherto special person. It is a pretty powerful force and memory can play tricks.

Fond Memories
Fond Memories

Now in our later years memories endure, but to reach out and touch and clasp their hand once more is quite something else. Innocence, noble spirit, and elements of naivety lost in today’s world. A special relationship that sadly died. My god wouldn’t it lovely to just cast my eyes on her again.

In many cases people sometimes cannot explain this sudden urge.

Especially after say 50 years or more has gone by. It’s like a genie released from the bottle. Maybe the loss of our youth has some bearing on it.

To tackle a fading memory of someone you once loved very much. Sure you think it’s now virtually impossible to reconnect with your teenage love, after such a long time. Well NO actually it isn’t usually we do find them. Why not ask s to take a look over the case?

Remembering Your First Teens Sweetheart.

Nostalgia and pining for the past-not surprising! Today as we grow older we are left with no more than a few faded photographs evoking warm feelings and an occasional wry smile. We go back to those heady days and the exciting memories stored in our minds.

Frustratingly, try as we might, to crystallize all those thoughts and memories so important at that time the past cannot be brought back-it’s gone. No matter how many occasions we revisit those times, and places, view old photographs, etc. sadly we have no choice but let them go and say goodbye.

A Missing Friend Reunited

Retracing your steps. For each high delivered on the search it is countered with a low. Each wonderful memory we cherish is tinged with a combination of yearning, sadness, and regrets.

Especially as the clock continues to tick away our youth becomes more of a distant memory as we prepare to face our later years.

Then, of course we are engulfed in certain elements of grief at certain parts of it. All those special moments shared never to come back again.

Especially that very special person once part of your life. The one who was so important to you, adored, and cherished, now gone forever. We try to cling on, but its-Gone!

We recall fondly simple things like a day trip to the seaside.

Wander along the pier a ride on the scenic railway followed by candy floss and a toffee apple. Walking hand-in-hand and the exquisite feeling of your very first love gazing so adoringly at you, hanging on to your every word.

However, it’s long gone that specific time, and location.

Clacton Pier
Clacton Pier

Remember Clacton On Sea and the impressive- “Clacton” pier back in 1966. The charming promenade with is flourishing cactus trees and the hum of the amusement arcades, and the scenic railway. Shame how it’s since gone down hill.

Those fond memories you have a license to keep forever in your heart. They are your and your sweetheart to keep forever. But that special day and that minuscule speck of time is gone forever. You can’t have it back! You can only revisit it as an observer. It can’t be repeated. A past which sadly will never return.

In some way, we are all incarcerated “in some form of an exile” from our past, and life’s event.

When we do look back, we realise our lives marched inexorably onwards to what is our eventual destiny-good bye world.

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