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Remembering Old Friends – Do You Want to Find Them?

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Remembering Old Friends | Based in England | we cover the entire UK.

Do you recall; Hanging out with old friends and saying things like: “do you remember “this and that” it is something magical and personal between you two?

Finding Old Friends | A sheer joy to behold.

Prague 1970 marriage
Prague 1970

Old friends from the distant past deliver unique and exclusive memories. Those which are impossible to replicate with another. It’s nice to go back there sometimes.

When forming new friendships be mindful and try not to forget or neglect your old ones.

Because remembering old friends from the distant past is priceless. They have already proven to you their worth and trustworthiness whereas, with new friends –“The Jury is Still Out.”

Remembering old friends -Absent!

It’s very tempting to place priorities towards newly acquired friends. In consequence maybe and inadvertently neglecting your good solid and dependable old friend.

They are the ones with whom you shared parts of your formative years.

They are the ones who gave you all those never to be forgotten memories.

Moreover and not at the forefront of your mind every second of the day, they remain forever etched into your heart.

We can liken old friends to an old reliable car. Its trustiness is ingrained in our psyche. Indeed an old friend we can liken to an old wine-the best.

Old friends can be compared to something like an old sword still trusted the best.

Your Old Friends | Thinking Back | Reflecting On The Past

We see some old things items and perspectives which are no longer part of modern-day life.

Our older generation is often rather cruelly dismissed as the rather non-progressive set. Being he/she seen as an old relic from that “oh so boring 1980’s” generation era.

Expressions such as-“that’s very 1980s” referring to that era as some kind of disease.

Making us oldies feel non-progressive, antiquated and out of touch. Basically a dinosaur from an era where people knew very little about anything.

On the contrary, in many cases, we knew as much if not more than today’s young generation.

But unlike many of today’s “know it all” generation us oldies possess the dignity, class, and grace not to attempt to ridicule and humiliate others.

Our older generation has the priceless asset of being able to “look back”-we have earned it!

Established a long time strong and unbreakable friendships are something to be envied by many.

They which has proven to stand the test of time and enabled you to have amassed so many memories-yes-very 1980’s.

By all means, enjoy your new friends they are great but keep in mind it’s not just about the amount of time spent with a friend, its more about with whom you had the best times with.

You may have inadvertently moved the old friend to one side to spend time with the new friend. It’s more exciting and about now- today.

Wherever possible make time for your old friend too, they bring a joy which cannot be replicated in a new friend.

Make sure you keep you old friends

Maintained at least as important as the new one. Both versions have an important part to play but there is a unique comfort in being relaxed with an old friend. For a start, they know a lot about you.

Whereas with your new friend it’s about a voyage of discovery, which is equally interesting, but different.

One of the most difficult aspects of being with old friends is that they usually expect you to look and behave exactly the same as you were 30 years ago.

In conclusion, cherish and retain the priceless memories of those times you spent together.

Although maybe today you are not together physically, these memories will be forever locked away in your heart.

You might compare an old friend similar to how you might perceive an old photo.

With time the image may fade, but the stories and the escapades remain indelibly stored in your memories.

There is nothing I would like better in my old age than to be able to see my old friends again and celebrate and listen to everything they have to say. They are the special ones, the ones who really and truly care about you!

Don’t ever lose them! Want to find them again? give us a call!

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