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Remember your lost love from 1960s

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Remember your lost love? Find that special one from the glorious 1960s.

Remember Your First love? Where were you and what were you doing? The first sweetheart who stole your heart away. Where is your beloved darling today?

remember your first love

Did You Call Your Sweetheart On This Type Of Phone?

Trace a long-lost friend in the UK from your distant past | let’s go find them.

Find someone in the UK. Or find a person. Where the devil are they today? Tough task especially when 50 years have gone by. Actually, we find them every day of the week, and moreover, really relish the challenge. People search, people finding – is for us a special calling.

Do you remember waiting at a pre-arranged time on a certain day anxiously listening for the phone to ring?

All excited, but at the same time trying to show a cool relaxed demeanour. Trying to ignore your heart racing as you reach out to pick up the phone.

Maybe Mum or Dad answered it for you.

A feeling of importance when Mum/Dad shouting “it’s for you!” Being myself a proud part of that era/generation that style of the telephone shown above is very iconic and symbolic of the baby-boomer generation. Reconnecting with a long lost sweetheart. We are up for it -are you?

At that time you were just starting out in life and seeing all that it can offer. Carefree, not wishing to be tied down and having a good time.

You were the life and soul of the party very popular and forever in demand. Witty and humorous to all those around you. As well as described by others as: attractive, sophisticated and possessing that x-factor. Everyone was queuing up to talk to you. Listened to, and people generally agreeing with all your views.

But was this adoration ever going to last?….NO!

Unfortunately, it diminishes with age. In hindsight, we learn it was all rather superficial and meaningless. Popularity lasts as long as your looks.

Some years on you find that it’s not everyone who wants to talk especially and just to you. It’s an early lesson in adulthood and the insincerity of people. As your looks diminish so does your influence on other people.

Suddenly others are not so awestruck of your views on everything. They have opinions and now start to challenge yours. Something you are not used to. But if one set of friends becomes boring you just move on to another set.

Quite easy when you are young and in demand. But the truth is they were never your friends at all. Sadly people like to be associated with beautiful people as they feel it enhances their status. Especially when being aware they are not so attractive themselves. Being with an attractive person kind of compensates.

As your looks start to fade unnoticed and oblivious, you have become a somewhat tactless and boring know-all. Popularity waning and no longer being the centre of attraction. Where have all your friends gone?

Today you only have a few friends.

Many of the ones you had have moved on, and no longer interested. Sadly you brought it all on yourself due to your selfish behaviours. In contrast, when at school you were a really sincere kind and considerate person.

Moving on, you eventually married had children and now grandchildren.

Now into your twilight years, you are beginning to discovering humility and kindness. Or maybe it was always there but hibernating.

You have gone from being everyone favourite who everybody wants to know and talk with, to someone who most people rarely want to talk to.

Welcome to Ageism! This time around you are on the receiving end of it.

Being an elderly pensioner today you learn very few people listen or are interested in your opinions. They judge you not on your inner self but on the eternal veneer. To them, you just “look past it,” washed up and wrinkly. To learn more about us click here.

The 1960s, Remember Your First Love – Shall we go find them?

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