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Lost Romance | Can It Be Rekindled

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Rekindling Lost Romance

Rekindling lost romance | Tracing A Long Lost Friend U.K. A Modern Love story column.

One which Depicts a romance that ended abruptly due to a terrible misunderstanding.

Amazingly the relationship was successfully resurrected. That is even after more than 40 years had elapsed.

Rekindling Lost Romance
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A lady described how by her friend losing the sole piece of paper with her new postal address written on it, contact was subsequently lost for more than four decades. This was back in the 1960s where half the population did not even own a domestic telephone line.

The lovely part of this story is: When eventually they did catch up with each other – she wrote:” the long lost love was still there.”

Long Lost Romance can it be resurrected? Will the restored romance last?

When Rekindling Lost Romance

The motives are very difficult to really define.

Perhaps was it psychologically invigorating to rekindle a long lost love? Or a personal morale booster, when in middle age to test their appeal to the opposite sex?

Was there a blend of nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses amongst the mix when undertaking Rekindling Lost Romance. Whatever it was, it did for sure bring their romance back to life.

Professor Dr Nancy Kalish, at California State University in Sacramento, suggests the former is probably the case.

On the whole, generally, most people have little interest in revisiting former romances

Realistically-It’s true to say they often ended for a very good reason. But many cannot shake off the past and indeed do not wish to forget their lost love, and desire to meet up again.

It could be due to so many factors to name a few: Widow/widower lost their spouse, divorced and lonely, unhappy in a current relationship amongst many other reasons too numerous to mention.

Long Lost Friend Finders

Statistically, the success rate of such reconnections is quite high. Often a happy long-lasting relationship ensues.

Between 1993-1996 She carried out a survey

Involving 1001 people who had severed a relationship. Taking feedback (at least 5 years on) then restarted the relationship. (in some cases waited 60 years to reconnect) and still together with their once “’ lost love’.

Moreover, 72% confirmed at the time of the survey were still together with their lost love and very happy.

71 % stated the relationship was the most intense romance they had ever experienced.

61% stated the romance started quicker than any previous relationships.

Comparing the relationship ‘first time around’ to today’s ‘second time around.’

A big factor was the Interference of overprotective parents at the beginning of the relationship.

The first time around although essentially they had a strong relationship, the devastating negative impact of interfering parents was ACTUALLY what-broke them apart.

For the majority (the reconnections) were very positive and intense.

Because at last, they get to’ right the wrong.’ They are now in fact together with the person they were meant for.

Years ago we used to often marry at age 17

But today there seem to be other things to do first. So, for many often marrying later in life is the preferred option.

A good example is, in fact, the British monarchy. Charles and Camilla being a classic example. He clearly never stopped loving Camilla. But when younger it never worked out, so he had to marry someone else instead.

Kalish, conducted the same survey on 2004-5 1,300 people.

This was when Facebook and email were changing the way we communicate, especially in the case of former friends.

Interestingly this time around the number of people still together with their lost love (after reconnecting) was much lower-5%.

It’s considered one of the reasons behind these contrasting statistics is the higher number of extramarital affairs. (62% married as opposed to 30% in the previous survey.

Survey on those Rekindling Lost Romance

Amongst the number of people who left their marriage to reconnect with a former sweetheart-old flame, the divorce statistic was only 4%

Many experts in this area assert that couple who attempt to reconnect once again, have many things in their favour.

For example, they already knew a lot about each other.

Nostalgia plays a part, and in fact, the more time has elapsed from the original experience they then tend to focus mainly on the plus parts.

An older brain tends to bask in the warm and comforting glow of these distant memories-suddenly, you feel age 18 once more and in love. 

However, the truth is that today in 2019 you have virtually zero knowledge or empathy, with this individual today. Also conveniently it’s possible to skip the “getting to know you”- elements.

Rekindling a past relationship has the benefit of being instant and relatively easy by comparison. Indeed a lot of couples go on to long-lasting stable relationships.

On the other hand, those who were previously always arguing and fighting in the past rarely succeed- the second time around.

So, in conclusion, if you can’t get that once special person out of your head then- go find them again.

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