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how to find a long lost friend for free

Reuniting lost friends

Reuniting lost friends. How to find someone as in | friends reunited. Hmm, good question. Finding a lost friend in the UK is our specialty.

Where is your long lost friend?

Lost friend reunion Find someone in the UK. Friends reunited. Hopefully our efforts will result in you finding once special friends from years past!

To start with: you remember me, you should do this, I was your best friend.

Finding lost friends. Reconnecting with the past. People tracing events and places. We are happy to provide help and guidance on how to approach finding a friend from the distant past.

Reuniting lost friends

Now that so many years have passed, wouldn’t you just love to know how and where your long lost lover is and how they are doing today? And, of course, what they’ve been up to in the meantime?

Not to mention who they are with now and if all is well in their life. You could ask them, “Have you ever settled down with that guy you know, whose name eludes you, right now”?

People Trace- How to find a person who is lost or hasn’t been seen for a long time. First, you need to gather as many memories as you can. For example, you may remember her as very confident, attractive, slim, with long brown hair, great intelligence and a sense of humor. Also a real party animal! Not to mention impulsive, wild and risky behavior.

Reconnect with a man lost in time.

We all had a great time together. She lived in an upscale neighborhood in Kensington. God knows what she saw in me. Actually her name should have been “Lola”, like the woman in the classic 60’s Kinks movie.

In fact there are many memories I have stored in my memory bank. I hasten to add mostly positive ones.

Right now I’m contemplating whether to try to find my lost friend. It seems to be quite a daunting task, to say the least.

In search of a long lost lover

Take a pen and paper and list everything you can remember. I emphasize “everything,” no matter how insignificant it may seem. Any one of these snippets, though seemingly trivial, can reveal a puzzle.

Find old mutual friends. There may be someone among you who knows something relevant to your query. A one-off remark that may seem like a very real comment to them, but is a breakthrough for you. Something like “Yes, she will be moving to Liverpool in X year”. Assuming everyone knows that information. Or she married Paul in 1970.

Sure, spend some time on Facebook, you might get lucky.

But don’t hold your breath. There are other online portals that, for a fee, will give you access to all births, deaths and marriages prior to 2005.

By no means have we covered every possible option, but hopefully this will be a good start for you.

The Salvation Army will assist in some cases.

Contact us on: 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com.

But the question of whether or not they take on a case is somewhat arbitrary.

They are more interested in people who are reported missing.

You can try several websites that store historical data from voter lists.

While voter lists are no longer the Holy Grail for people searchers. .There are a number of serious drawbacks to date.Namely, unlike before, anyone can now opt out of being included on the public electoral roll.Feeling confident that now no; Tom, Dick or Harry can pester them by simply pulling their name from the state registry book.What some people don’t realize is that this can have a big downside.By taking this course of action and removing themselves from the voter rolls, they have effectively deprived old friends of the opportunity to contact them through this popular route.

For us, as honest researchers, this is a huge drawback/obstacle to our work. “Denying” even our dwindling number of elderly, 11 World War 11 veterans, has deprived their old comrades of ever getting in touch with them again.The rules fall under the GDPR’s data protection regulations.For a decent harmless researcher (someone who wishes no harm to the person on the register) this is a nightmare. Especially when they mean nothing more than to bring together “old friends” from 50 years ago. Yes, GDPR can be a curse.

Tel: 07561 698 453 e-mail: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

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