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Reuniting Lost friends

Reconnecting lost friends. How to find someone rather as in | friends reunited. Hmmm, a good question. To find a lost friend in the UK is a speciality of ours.

reconnecting lost friends

Where is your long lost friend

Reuniting lost friend Find someone UK. Friends Reunited. Hopefully, our endeavours lead to you finding that once special friends from yesteryear!

Lest begin with:  Do you remember me, you should do I used to be your very best friend.

Tracing Lost friends. Reconnecting with the past. People tracing events and places. We are happy to provide help and guidance on how to approach a search for a friend from your distant past.

Uniting Lost friends

With so many years now under the bridge, would you not just love to know-how and where your long lost sweetheart is and how they are today? Also, of course, what they been up to in the meantime?

No to mention who they are with now and is everything good in their life. You could ask them: “Did you ever settle down with that guy you know – the one who’s name escapes you- right now”?

People trace- How to find a lost person or one not seen in a long time. First, you need to gather up as many recollections as possible. For example, you may recall her as very self-confident, attractive, slim, long brown hair, great wit, and a sense of humour. A real party-goer too! Not to mention let impulsive, wild, and risque attitude.

Reconnect to a person |  lost in time

We all had some great times together. She lived in the up-market area of Kensington. God knows what she saw in me! Really her name should have been ‘Lola’ as the lady featured in the Kinks 60’s classic.

Actually there are many memories which I have stored away in my memory bank. I hasten to add mostly positive.

Right now I am considering whether or not to try and find my lost friend. It does seem to say the least, quite a challenging task.

Searching for a long lost sweetheart

Take a pen and paper then list everything you can remember. I stress “everything”, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Any of these snippets although seeming trivial could unlock the jig-saw puzzle.

Seek out any old mutual friends. There might be one out there who knows something relevant to your search. A throwaway remark which may seem to them a very matter of fact comment but to you is a breakthrough. Something like “Yes she move to Liverpool in x year”. Assuming everyone knew this information. Or she married Paul in 1970.

Of course, spend some time on Facebook, you might get lucky.

But don’t hold your breath. There are other online portals who for a fee, will grant you access to all births deaths and marriages up to 2005.

We have not by any means covered all the options out there, but we hope a good start for you.

The Salvation Army in some cases will assist.

Contact us via phone: 07444 750 422 or email:

But its a bit arbitrary as to whether or not they take in on., They are more into people who are reported as missing.

You could try a number of websites which hold historical data from electoral roll registers.

Although electoral rolls are no longer the holy grail for people finders. .Nowadays there are a number of serious drawbacks. Namely, unlike before, any person now can opt-out of appearing on the open electoral register. Feeling reassured that now, no; Tom, Dick, or Harry can pester them by just pulling their name out of a public register book.

But what some people do not realise is there could be a big drawback.

By taking this course of action and excluding themselves from the Electoral roll listings, they have effectively prevented any old friends from ever being able to contact them via this popular route.

For us, as honest researchers, this is a huge drawback/obstacle to our work. By “opting out” even our dwindling number of elderly world war, 11 veterans, have denied their old mates a chance to ever be able to get in contact with them again.

The rules come under data protection GDPR.

For a decent harmless researcher (someone who does not wish any harm to the person listed on the register) it’s a nightmare. Especially when they mean no more than to put together ‘old pals’ from 50 years ago. Yes the GDPR can be a curse.

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