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Reconnect lost friends

Find Lost Friends England

Reconnect Lost Friends in England. We at People Finder UK proudly enjoy the honour and distinction, of often being commissioned by individuals to retrace their steps. Stepping back to memorable times from the distant past. Where are you now? A question we deliver answers for them.

To Reconnect Lost Friends is both a highly intricate, as well as time-consuming pursuit.

We trace old friends, lost sweethearts, school friends, etc. Not to mention of course lost relatives.

We remain ready and at your service. Prepared to delve back as far as it takes. Whether it be the: 1940’s,1950’s, and 1960’s. So, don’t be deterred or discouraged by how far back we need to travel. Indeed one-day time travel might be a possibility. But until then, you have us.

Let’s give it- a shot- do not hesitate to contact us. If they are still alive we will do our best to reconnect you. Or, “put it to bed” by informing you they are sadly deceased. You can at least then say to yourself- I did do all I could! Equally, be prepared for us to find them, but the other party does not wish to revive the connection.

Finding your old friend

Find lost friends in England. How many of us at certain times in our lives ever wonder what happened to an old friend?  The one who you thought, all those years ago would be alongside you for the rest of your life. But sadly it fizzled out. Memories, regrets, guilt, and numerous other emotions come into play.

People Finder UK can help. We can usually find them but cannot guarantee happy outcomes.

For the older generation:

No doubt most of you recall one or two very good sincere and special friends now lost in time. You were once inseparable.  But we “move on” as circumstances change.

There are many reasons why contact was lost, which we cover elsewhere on this site. But briefly- the loss of an address, or a phone number. In some cases, they or you may have moved location. Perhaps to the other side of the world.

Today keeping contact is so much easier. We retain their email of Facebook. But for the older generation in those days there was no electronic mail to rely on.

How best to Reconnect Lost Friends

Thus far, you have failed to find them yourself. We suggest beginning by retracing data to when you were last in contact.

Start there, with the approximate year. Search school reunion sites, ex-employer/employee sites, and a list of names of any mutual friends from that era. Often Facebook will turn up something.  Search electoral roll archives See British Library to establish if there were any brothers or sisters.

There is also Kelly’s directories and various almanacks and press cutting. All of which can be accessed via the internet.

Once you have gathered the information together you can either opt to DIY or employ a professional tracer or a free offer. Finally, there is the Salvation Army.

Or indeed you could try us:- https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/lost-friends-think-unthinkable/

https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/ Contact: Tel: 07561 698 453 email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com