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Presenting our find a lost friend service.

UK people finder. Finding old friends across the entire country
is what we do.

It could be perhaps an old mate, or a staunch trusted and devoted
friend, lost through the trickling sands of time.

Or how about an ex-girl/boyfriend or a former school teacher.

We are of course not private detectives, debtor chasers,
Bailiffs, or anything of a forensic nature. Nor do we use any “sneak” or underhand tactics.
Such as placing traces in people cars or monitor movement that’s not us. Our people finding
service is a gentle touch.

Looking for
a teenage sweetheart.

We are totally focussed on reconnecting people | friends who for
whatever reason years ago lost touch with each other. Pals lovers, from your distant past
who were at one time very important in their/your life.

But for a wide variety of reasons somehow became disconnected.
For example:-

looking for old school friends

Or maybe other children whom you grew up with. Your Youth era, Work, College/University,
Armed Forces, Former Boy/Girl friends-Old Flames.

Also very popular are ex-pats enquiries to help find an old flame.

Very nostalgic to be sitting on some exotic beach, and
remembering growing up in Scunthorpe some 50 years ago.

Also, many people come to us, wishing to reconnect a lost
boy/girlfriend who came to the UK way – back as a visitor.

Perhaps a holidaymaker or an Au pair! There can be a desire to
just say hello again, and ask how has your life been?

Especially with the inexorably marching on of father time. it becomes quite obsessional with
some people to get on with it and -now!

What does the future hold for People Tracing

In our view, in years to come, we shall be more or less redundant.

As people nowadays ‘early-on’ exchange emails, Facebook, and mobile phone numbers. This data
can remain with you forever and even if a mobile phone number changes a Facebook ID or email
rarely changes. There will be of course some isolated cases, but not so often.

Let’s take A brief look at how we go about it.

The trick with people tracing is to know precisely where to start. One would think with the
amount of today’s technology at our disposal it would be quite easy to trace people. But
many people quickly find themselves running into dead ends.

Doing the job yourself. Searching for People has recently
become more popular especially tracing genealogies.

You can use the national archives register as a starting point. Or another great source of
information is parish registers many dating back hundreds of years. Their records are
usually immaculate.

We’ve discovered when conduction people tracing – proper
preparation is crucial.

If you strike lucky the research can be conducted solely from the comfort of home. Just by
using the internet, telephone, and/or mailing. If only it was that easy!

Although Facebook has its perks for people tracing the problem is when you type in for
instance “Frederick Smith”, you will be staring at possibly hundreds of profiles with the
same name, for all over the world. Plus, if the person doesn’t add you as a friend there is
only limited information available about them.

Find lost friends UK

Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com