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People tracing charges
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To Trace a person, find an old friend in the UK. Expect it to take us on average 30 hours to achieve our/your destination.

Costs Trace | A lost Friend

To find a lost friend. Once you agree in principle to use our service and aware of the charges, we conduct the following free of charge a viability research. Once concluded you/we can then decide whether to proceed formally on the people find Trace. A lost Friend UK search.

On the matter of professional search for a person charges. Firstly we would like to familiarise you what the market prices are generally for this service. The two shown below are our competitors. Then below that, you will find our charges by comparison.

Below is the second provider: Finder Monkey.


Below you will find our scale of charges

Our charges are as follows:

£300,00 payable in two parts.

£150.00 which is due, once we take the case onboard. This in part covers the cost we will incur along the way. Research, visits to the British Library archives, trips to various local libraries, accessing birth, marriage, divorce, deed poll entries, land registry, Passenger ship manifests.

A further £150.00 due upon reaching of a successful outcome. By definition; we are in possession of a full postal address and or confirmed email. A landline telephone number (although these days very rare) as most people seem to only have a mobile device.

Are there any guarantees of a successful outcome? In a nutshell-NO.

Anyone offering such claims in our opinion is being (politely) shall we say -very optimistic, We have a high reputation for moving ‘heaven-and earth’ to find your lost friend, but hand on heart, cannot categorically 100% assure you of success.

In the unlikely event the information we supply is incorrect (it’s triple verified) we will either pursue it further, or provide a refund of the second part of the payment. We will not provide any refunds where the individual is ultimately proven to be deceased, fails or indeed refuses to make contact with you.

Please note we are not a skip tracing service

We are not skip tracer. There are many skip people tracers out there offering to find a person for between £25.00 -£50.00. They should not be confused with the entirely different we offer. For this service they require you to provide a full name and address within the last 5 years. In no time you will have the details.


Take a look at some aspect of a typical research case we might undertake.

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