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People tracing charges
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Trace a person, find an old friend in the UK. Expect it to take an average of 30 hours to achieve our/your destination.

Costs Trace | A lost Friend

For your orientation, and comparison may we first show what you might expect to pay elsewhere-see below. Note: their first payment of £250.00 is due upon instruction. The balance once the person has been found.

Our charges are as follows:

Payable in two parts/tranches.

£225.00 due once/if we take the case on board. This, in part usually around £100.00 covers some of the costs we incur along the way. Such as copy birth & marriage certs, as well as travel to local libraries and/or the British museums in London. 

£225.00 On a successful outcome. By definition; we are in possession of a full verified postal address.

Please be aware. We can rarely provide email or telephone number listings. Landline listings today are virtually non-existent. Not that we would recommend calling someone out of the blue anyway, after 40 years or so. 

Deceased. If we discover the individual has died (not always possible until late on) in contrast to our competitors we waive the second part of the payment. Do we honour this? – See thank you note from a former client Lorraine Elvin – click here.

Are there any guarantees of a successful outcome? In a nutshell-NO. To make such a claim would be dishonest.

In the unlikely event information, we supply is incorrect (it’s triple verified) we will continue to pursue it. If however, we are eventually unsuccessful we provide a refund of the second part.


Take a look at some aspects of a typical research case we might undertake.

Payment methods: Bank transfer. Either online or going into your local bank to instruct them to make the payment to us. Although acceptance of credit cards is in the pipeline.

Traces conducted for people living outside the UK and including the Republic of Ireland incur a surcharge. For details just ask.

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