chapter 2

People Tracing  | UK

People tracers are what we are!. Or should we say “friends reuniters”. Let us say: Don’t be deterred even if you only have minimal information about your lost friend-we are used to that!

The first step to find a lost friend is to learn as much as possible about your combined histories.

This is what we need:-

The subjects: Name, either exact or approx, approx date of birth. Where they have lived: location/s town/street addresses. Schools, Colleges, Universities attended and approximate times/dates/ of any places you visited together.

Mutual friends, siblings, parents, uncles, aunts. Events such as- youth clubs school trips. Do not exclude anything at all no matter how trivial or insignificant it might seem.

people tracers

Occasionally there are cases which in our opinion are virtually not do-able. Or are non-viable. (100s of hours) to deliver. That being the case we will advise accordingly.

Free of charge we will research the viability of your case. Once concluded, we then report back. You can then, either allow us to formally work on the project or not. Prices for a people search are shown here.

Our people finder services

Our people tracers are not of the run-of-the-mill everyday variety. The type you see all day over the internet.

They offer a different type of service mainly: debt collection type agencies who can access info not shown on the open electoral register and other agencies. However, often if there is no listing anywhere within the last 5 years it might not be cost-effective for them to pursue it.

We regularly work on cases where there was never a known postal address. Only a town or city say 50 years ago. There are not many tracers who are prepared to work off such scant information. Certainly not on a no- find no- fee basis-which is the buzz word these days.

Our searches often go as far back as the 1950s. Covering multi situations such as -remarriages, deed poll, name changes, moved addresses multi times, moved abroad.

To secure the breakthrough we often have to trace a brother, sister, cousins, or a next-door neighbour etc, to gain the vital lead.

Historical People tracing is a speciality vocation. Indeed, we do love good people tracing challenges.

Honest appraisals. We will be totally up front with you. If we do not foresee a realistic possibility of finding the person you are seeking, we will tell you straight!

It is our policy not to waste either ours or the client’s time and money. Refer to the home page for more info.

Lastly, we would respectfully ask if you entrust us to do the job then please allow us to get on and do it.

Recently some clients admittedly with good intentions have done their own parallel research using Facebook or similar. It just clogs us up and gets in the way of our research. Plus we are not that remiss and unaware of the existence of Facebook. Also, when and when not to use it.

Contact us via phone:- 07561 698 453 or Whatsapp on same above tel.number.