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John Our esteemed People Finding Specialist

Reconnecting lost Friends from near and afar. A much sought-after and distinguished old-school generation people finder of truly extraordinary ability. Born in Luton, Beds, 1946. Educated in the state system which included Secondary Modern. Came out with zero qualifications. Raised in a so-called working-class environment. Dad worked in the local car factory (Vauxhall Motors) and Mum had 2 domestic cleaning jobs. There never was much money to spare. But really couldn’t have wished for better parents. They looked after him always- impeccably.

By the age of 12, John was earning his own money. Doing milk, bread, and Newspaper rounds. From these early experiences, he learned the value of money and the ensuing independence it gave him.

John 1970. Married in Prague to his Czech wife Libby:

John and Libby
John and Libby
John and Libby’s wedding day in Prague1Libby

After marrying John became all respectable (haha) completely changing direction. Began at ‘Provident Life Association’ 1970-1979 in the City of London. This involved door-to-door selling of their various life assurance policies.

The remunerations were good and included a taxed and insured company car. All servicing, repairs, and fuel were paid, as well as a subsidised mortgage loan. Very good news having just got married. Nevertheless knocking on a stranger’s door was a daunting prospect. He turned out to be an outstanding salesperson. Eventually, out of more than 1000 sales persons he became the company’s top agent for the entire country.

1974-1990  Alongside Provident Life Association John Founder of Andrews Rutter Estate Agency Practise in Luton. Note: From 1974-1979 John combined working for Provident Life and developing his Estate Agency in tandem. Below is an image of John who had just bought this beautiful car for his wife.


In 1990, due to the financial crash and catastrophic interest rates set by Nigel Lawson@15%, he was forced to close the Estate Agency.

Below is the only image John retained from almost 20 years spent as an Estate Agent and here seen outside outside his new shop with Brian Stein former Luton Town FC and England striker. He and Brian are still good friends to this day.

John retrained

Onwards to the Czech Republic.

1991-1993 Founder Owner; Czechmate. Marriage Dating Agency between UK men and Czech Ladies. World’s First Venture of its kind. Luton UK, and Prague-Czech Republic. See the below article in the Independent. He and Libby appeared twice on national TV to show more about this venture.

Czech news

In 1994 he had to change direction as everyone was copying his idea of the Marriage dating Agency in Eastern Europe.

1994-1995/6  Wholesaler of Ladies’ Fashion Items. Purchased in London and delivered by us to our Prague Czech Republic, outlets.

1994-2014. Founder and Owner of Europa International Cosmetic Surgery Coordinators, Prague, Czech Republic. Below is an image of Libby John’s wife, before, and after her facelift.

Facelift Surgery

John often described as:- a ‘Creative Ground Breaking Concept Thinking Extraordinaire.’ For example: Devised and successfully marketed the world’s first win-a-facelift competition. Received worldwide coverage including ‘Fox News. See here the example on Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/story/2007/01/11/look-ma-lottery-changed-my-breast-size.html

2005-2007 Set up and operated an English Tea House in a historic setting close to Prague named Karlstejn. Image see below:

English Tea House

Broke the mould again: This time the Worlds First Win a facelift Competition offered via Chat Magazine. Covered by all major UK media including documentaries made by BBC Look East and Anglia TV. Both followed us to Prague to see the outcome of the winners of readers; win a facelift. Watch us on BBC here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=hP6fN64ZCcA

Here below is a pic of Libby at the Clinic with ‘Sam Fox’ whom she asked to help promote the clinic.

Libby and "Sam Fox"

The Netherlands.

The Netherlands

2012 ish. Above is John together with a group of WW2 veterans and their wives just outside Arnhem. This was another of John’s ventures. He also took a group of veterans and families to the River Kwai a great trip apart from the fact John went down with some kind of tummy bug. .  http://www.worldwartwoheritage.com/ This site is worth a look for sure.

The good thing about this venture was that John identified the National Lottery funded these trips. All he had to do was to find those who wished to travel. National Lottery also funded a carer to travel with them or an immediate child/wife. He managed to put together 2 trips, one to Arnhem and Nijmegen, the other to River Kwai. We sourced the clients from advertising in Mature Tymes magazine.

But as time went on sadly as fast as he put the trips together, the veterans were dying off. Or, simply not up to the arduous trip.

John took this on not to make lots of money out of it. But more It was something he wanted to do as a gesture to repay the veterans for the sacrifice made for our generation. Although of course, the money came in handy.



After leaving school (Secondary Modern) as they were known in those days. He first embarked on an apprenticeship as a Hairdresser (Barber) (Rickys) in Luton.

After some time,  due to poor pay and long hours, he became disillusioned with it. But on the positive side, he learned how to interact with people/clients but little prospects.


After a host of various mundane boring jobs: including a spell working on the production line at the local Vauxhall Motors plant where he was eventually fired for sleeping in the stillages during his dinner breaks, thus often failing to return as a result. The foreman was constantly having to wake him up. To be fair they were very tolerant and gave him numerous warnings. The truth was, as John revealed, his tiredness was due to being out most of the night gallivanting as Mum and Dad used to call it. there were several other short-term jobs including a return to hairdressing.

1967 ish John took up a new challenge in London. 

One day he came across a particular job opportunity which has remained very memorable to this day. Many of his old friends can hardly believe what happened.  He responded to an advert in the Evening Standard for minicab drivers to come and work in London. (30 miles away) Mini cabs at that time were unknown. All taxis were taxis, with a light on the roof. Mini cabs (private hire) were a completely new concept that did not go down with the “black cab” boys. Anyway, John went along for the interview in Kentish Town,  held at a rather small somewhat dubious-looking office located on a dingy street corner off the Prince Of Wales Road. The job offer sounded to him like heaven. ‘Do you own a large car, want to be your own boss, do you want to control what days and hours you work? Keep all your takings and just pay a reasonable weekly rental fee to the owners! Moreover, you can come and go entirely as you please.

During the interview, John instantly took an instant liking to the owner a guy by the name of Wally Garelick. An extremely jovial and larger-than-life character. Rather rotund weighing 20 stone plus. John also noted people around him seemed a bit in awe of him.  Wally mentioned matter of factly that his last job was managing a nightclub in the East End for two brothers known as the Kray Twins. Although at the time to John was a mere country boy their names did not register. Wally grew up with them in the East End and mentioned he managed one of their boxing clubs. He also mentioned he was currently out on bail after being charged with being the Krays’ get-away driver, when they sprang someone known as Frank Mitchell out of Dartmoor prison. Did it put John off taking this job..NO. In fact to him at the time it all seemed rather exciting.

It should be understood the notoriety of the twins came much later on. What John would say is, that in his role as a minicab driver, Wally had a heart of gold and took care of him very well. Being the sole driver from outside of London, the other local drivers would tend to pass on to him the rubbish job. Wally would not allow them to do that to John. What a story that some people might find scarcely believable.

John and the multi-millionairess from Hampstead

One other memorable event from this era was meeting a refined highly educated but troubled lady from just up the road from Kentish Town. By contrast, she lived in nearby Hampstead. Educated at Roedean school, and accustomed to the good life. Every evening she had her dinner delivered by two gentlemen (waiters) dressed in full penguin attire from Harrods. They arrived in a van displaying the Harrods livery. It was a full formal catering service. John had never witnessed anything like it. Unfortunately, she was a troubled soul. She seemed devoid of company, tended to drink a lot and rambled. She would often call for a minicab and then ask the driver to take her to Bounemouh or somewhere for a short holiday. Usually, the trip lasted a week or more. In the end, she simply asked the driver how much she owed and paid up unhesitatingly. A paradise for exploiters and opportunists. h

Many of the minicab drivers had boasted to John how they had ripped her off badly.

Then mistakenly- reassured him (as they thought) that soon it would be his turn to extort money from her. Imagine driving down to Bournemouth, spending a week with her and then presenting her with a huge and exorbitant bill. Which of course she always paid without hesitation. John heard what they said but ignored it. This was not in his DNA makeup to ever contemplate such a thing. He just dismissed it. Eventually sure enough, soon it became John’s turn

She asked John to take her on a trip down to Brighton for a week. At the end of the trip, John just asked her for the exact amount she owed. He never wavered from that. Although money for her was not an issue and she probably would have been none the wiser. However, the cracks were beginning to show.

One day she asked John to take a large amount of Jewellery down to Hatton Garden and sell it for her.

This was in the days when there were minimal formalities. She knew the Jewellers and in fact was on first-name terms. He valued her jewellery, agreed the price over the phone, and then proceeded to hand over the cash to her trusty John. Unhesitatingly, John made his way back to her home with the cash. To this day John is still quite staggered that she trusted him to that extent. To what extent…..how much? It was over £100,000. and that was in 1968-What a Lady! Inavertedly John must have proven himself to her when he never overcharged her on the seaside or any other trip. The contrast in what he charged against what the other drivers charged, must have revealed to her that she had been so cruelly exploited. 

Another day John recalls she asked if he could take her to a football match.

Coming from the most prestigious private girls’ school in the country going to watch a football match must have seemed very down-market. Anyway off they went, to watch his beloved Luton Town football club at Kenilworth Road. To this day John is not convinced if she enjoyed the occasion or not. We shall return to finish this story soon. Watch this space!

Personal Overview of John He has great empathy with other people especially those in his employ. He always demonstrated that we were a team and more often than not it would be John cleaning the floor, and making THEM a cup of tea.

John was never an aggressive or pushy individual. When employing staff he always treated them with great respect and tried to encourage getting the best from them by being kind. He got much more out of them that way rather than shouting and screaming which is not in his nature. Sometimes though of course treating people with respect and kindness can backfire. But more often than not it worked out better.

people finding experts. He has had his ups and downs in business. Often more downs than ups.

Lastly, although now age 78 he was never one to sit around.  Nowadays operates as a volunteer to support his wife’s lost friends service: https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/

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