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Welcome to our find a Lost Friend website.

Do you want to reconnect with a lost friend in the UK ? Maybe there is a childhood sweetheart, an old school pal or perhaps a former school teacher, whom you would dearly love to find again.

What became of them all?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to reconnect with someone who was once so dear ? For those of us who have reached middle age and beyond, there comes a time to reflect and evaluate our earlier lives. Recalling the good and the bad times and those friends with whom we spent days, months and years of our lives.

“Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly yet sadly, on the heart.” Washington Irving – Father of the American short story.

We all know someone who once so enriched our lives before they left that we feel the huge gap they left behind. Now we regret that we didn’t stay in touch and we are sad at their departure.

Yes, we might worry that the best is behind us – but it doesn’t have to be.

We would love to help you to trace a lost friend.

Find Lost Friends | Once Found |Then What?

Tracing old friends. Many of us decide at some point in life to press that small pause button. Taking a moment to look back, think and wonder how life has turned out for a long lost dear friend. To treasure precious times, memories, often through rose-tinted glasses. But preserve these memories we should, as once gone, its forever!

You ask yourself- where are they? Before long you find an overwhelming urge to reach out to them again. But if you DO find them – what happens then?

The Next step | Probably Ask Your Lost Friend Many Questions

Like “where you been?”- LOL. The feedback is: After the initial euphoria, and novelty of meeting up again subside the obvious question is:- where to go with it from there?

After the euphoria and hugs and embraces and exchanges of pleasantries, comes a raft of logical questions:- ‘Married, kids, divorced, single, poor, affluent, widow/widower. Good health, bad health, contented? Do they still remember and think of you sometimes?’

The crucial thing here is that this time around neither of you should allow this precious reconnection to slip. Otherwise, the whole thing would have been a tragic and futile waste of time. One thing for sure neither of you will ever get a third chance!

Shared memories.

One of the most thrilling aspects of reuniting with lost friends or indeed (very popular) a former school teacher, is: Recalling various events and places you both shared back- in- the- day.

Especially in the case of old friends. Together remembering some of those daft and crazy pranks you both got up-to. Events, that are totally unique just between the two of you. Tell it to someone else, and it means nothing. Exchanging memories of those special shared moments with special people are priceless.

Fears and paranoia. Many, express concern about how much their appearance has changed.

” Today I am unrecognisable from how I looked 40 years ago. Should I perhaps ‘not’ be doing this?”

Personal Self-consciousness and unease can begin to weigh heavily. Unfavourable signs of ageing can present a huge deterrent to anyone considering reconnecting with an old friend.

Pride and egos come into it. Weight gain, hair loss, eye bags, facial wrinkles, and scraggy necks etc. All conspire to make a person feel insecure about how they look. Thus creating trepidation and doubts.

Look at old photographs taken 40 years ago!

Then today look in the mirror, and cringe! That, however, applies to many of us. We all have the same insecurities. So it’s on both sides.

Before you know it there is a sense of panic and perhaps questioning the wisdom of trying to reconnect. Maybe I should never have attempted to dig up the past?

Of course, the simple solution is to simply avoid ever meeting up again. Thus keeping alive and intact, memories of when you were both young and vibrant. But without the downsides.

That way you do not sully or damage those enduring recollections you have of each other. The ones stored away deep in the memory.

Appearance-wise, has ‘mother nature’ been unkind to us?

Does it or should it matter? In our opinion -NO! But we are all different.

Are you self-confident enough to take this leap? Of course, there is always the cosmetic surgery route. Indeed it so happens, we know one! LOL

Conversely, this dilemma and concern rarely apply when reconnecting with an old pal of the same-sex. Neither of you cares-so it’s safer.! Down the pub and before you know it talking about the good old days. Patting the expanded midriffs with a joke and a smile. Between two males or females, it’s all ok.

People Search

To find an old school friend, ex-school teacher or a lost friend after many years has gone- by is generally quite a challenging task. Especially with more than 60 million people living in the UK to choose from,

We liken it to searching for that proverbial: “needle in the haystack”. Your missing friend could be living just around the corner or equally, some 12000 miles away.

To add to the conundrum, most “lost friends” at least (of the female genre) have on at least one occasion changed their surname. Or reverted to their maiden name.

Find People  |  The Approach

Firstly to become a people searcher does require something of a lucid and clear head. Indeed it’s very much about applying logic and common sense.

In theory, anyone can become a people finder. There are no formal qualifications.

Unfortunately, the Internet and social media for all its benefits, have lulled people into thinking people searching is just a simple 5-minute job. Just a few keyboard clicks here and there and voila. Yeah….if only!

People Finder | Feedback from clients.

Here is feedback from a typical client:- “Thanks for enabling me to finally make peace with my long lost sweetheart. Although more than 40 years have passed the guilt and shame of my bad behaviour never left me”.

“A big thank you to friends reconnected. You managed in a matter of two days to solve a mystery I was unable to unravel in almost 40 years…well done!”

Today, if at all possible many of our more elderly enquirers want to grab that unexpected second chance to put it right. They see their own mortality and a desire to get on with it now! Despite being fully aware they may well be on the receiving end of a rebuff. To find a lost friend. Yep…the clock is ticking.

Although realising that after 40 years have elapsed you just cannot simply resume where you left off- that is passe!

Old Friend Finder Services | How Far Back Do We Go? 

Our searches are unlike most others. In as much as we regularly dig as far back as the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. Of course when asked. we have no objection to digging back even further. But understandably the take-up rate is quite low.

“Do most other people tracing organisation work the same way as you?”

Apart from one or two such as “Finder Monkey” most competitors are mainly digital tracers.

Generally charging between £30-£50.00. Requiring a full name and address within the last 5 – 10 years. These traces start now today and work back.

Our traces start the other way around. : We start our traces 50 years ago and work forward.

Moreover, we are mostly working with minimal information. Sometimes a town of birth, maybe an address, and often only a Christian name if female. From this, we first need to establish the original surname, followed then her married name. If subsequently divorced a new remarriage surname if there was one. In addition, any deed poll name changes. Or reverting to a maiden name if never remarried or perhaps emigrated.

Yes, it’s twice as difficult with the female genre. With marriages/divorces and ensuing surname changes.

As part of the process:-Carrying out endless checks and cross-checks.

Conducting historical archive searches. Visits to both local and the British Library. Purchasing births, marriage, divorce data, remarriages, ships passenger lists, death certificates, to name but a few. Often we are working on these cases for WEEKS! Anyway, this gives you some idea of what we are about.

Skeletons in the cupboard.

We often find some unexpected surprises along the way. So -be prepared!

A most common one is; the individual fibbing about their age. Usually, it comes from the female genre. Girls who claimed to be age 16 plus were actually only 15.

Unbeknown to the person involved, we sometimes discover they were born out of wedlock. Actually, that was a big deal 50 years ago. So we have to be mindful of the fact one party might be unaware of this information. Moreover, we will always keep it that way.

Kids from the 1950s and growing up earlier.

In many ways during the 1950s/60 certain things were more relaxed. Certainly, no social services breathing down everyone’s neck. Kids could take a part-time job from whatever age they and their parents chose. Usually, it was from age 12 onwards. Early morning milk rounds before school. Evening and weekends assisting with grocery and bread delivery rounds. No bad thing in our opinion.

In those days, on your 15 birthday, you could basically leave school. Many of the kids immediately went to work on cruise liners. Many skipped school early at age 14 to work on these ships.

Often returning months later, and giving us other kids a full and sometimes lurid report. From their experiences, they returned home more self-assured, confident and armed with lots of money stashed away in their post office savings account. I guess their parents must have known where they were.

Why hire a professional people tracer?

Good question. But let’s face it, would you fancy doing all that is described above single-handedly? However, we accept it could be claimed we are biased.

Although not essential a professional people finder possesses invaluable knowledge and experience. Together with inherent lateral thinking and crucially knowing where to start looking. Thus circumventing most of the dead-ends.

Reconnecting old friends

Facebook etc. It may surprise you to know much of our efforts are not actually on social media. Instead, we spend lots of time on old-fashioned “Mr Plod” style foot-soldier investigations.

What about Various software?

Very limited scope. Yes, you may have that person’s name but the software throws up more question than answers. However, it does sometimes effectively supplement some of the information you might already have. Giving valuable access to other family members. Perhaps a son/daughter who very often can unlock the puzzle.

How long will my people search project take?

Anything from one day to 6 months. On average working solidly- it’s three days. If that perhaps surprises you, take a look at some of our actual case studies. Click here This way you can gain an idea as to what is involved in people finder searches.

GDPR. All traces are fully compliant.

Creative thinking is something we excel at. Good luck!

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People Tracing Services is what we do. May we say, we are quite good at it!

Germany. Announcing Exciting New Cooperation Partnership. Distinguished and renowned ‘Lars Kuhne’ Detective agency Licensed in Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.

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