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People Finder

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People Finder UK services are seeing a marked increase in popularity especially amongst the older generation seeking to Find Lost People from thie distant past.

People Finder
1958 London Underground -Memories!

Our People Finder services reunite you with those, who for various reasons are no longer part of your life .

Reuniting you both (reconnecting) is for sure not a walk-in-the-park. Because not only can it be sometimes very frustrating, its fair to say it also takes up huge amounts of our time.

People Search | service

Returns you to yesteryear resurrecting some of its magical memories.

We deep trace back into your distant past.

People Finder
Shopping London mid-60s Captured in time -where are you now?

Old friend Finder

What does it involve and how to go about it?
In some ways we would liken it to a jigsaw puzzle. Spread on to the table all the pieces you have available.

Then to begin assembling piece by piece the picture together. Of course there will be (metaphorically) some missing parts to find in a cupboard or under a carpet perhaps.

People Searching | Is it easy?…..No!

Because its complex frustrating and often leads to dead-ends.

It is impotant to understand it does for sure involve a very clear thinking approach. Plus an ability to be able to place all the elements in your possession into some semblance of order.
With People Search- We suggest starting at the very beginning such as:

1 Names of any Brothers or Sisters and if known; names of parents.
2 Names of any relatives. Also locations, places, and date of birth.
3. Name of any close friends you shared time with.
These are the basic building blocks.

All of these four connections could eventually lead us towards your lost friend.

Find Lost Love or lost friends

How to use the above information in order to find a lost love or lost friend.
Let’s begin with the place of birth.
There are many online directories which will show us where your lost friend was born, were christened, names of parents and sometimes, relatives.

With this information, we can follow them through to their marriage. In the case of a female obtain their new surname.

To sum up: We now know that Susan Day became Susan Wakefield. From this, we also know her husband was born Michael Wakefield. This gives us in reserves links to both families brothers and sisters. Very useful if the trail goes cold on Mr and Mrs. Wakefield.

So, Michael Married Susan, Sept. 1973 In the town of Luton, Beds. Great… we found this listing in-1973 but… now, we have to find where they are today. Easy if they are still living at the same address, just look up the local electoral roll for the current year…..Job Done!  This would, however, involve a trip to the Luton Town hall to search the current electoral roll.

What if they moved at some stage, divorced or one or both died?

This is where serious people tracers expertise comes into play.

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Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com