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Find lost friends

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Past friends finder is our speciality. Although our searches do cover the entire world naturally the UK is the home territory. Our lost friend tracing services include for example: finding a jilted lover from the distant past, to seek forgiveness for your poor behaviour. Or it could be a childhood sweetheart, a first love. Not to mention Old school pals, teenage buddy, or simply just an old friend. Thus, once again, bringing them back into your life.

Can you recollect how it was when you were still at school?

Say between age 12-16 for example? In the case of this author that’s more than 60 years ago!

The then forming of special friendships the one which you rather naively thought were going to last forever. The laughs, the antics, scrapes and heady times you once shared together. Today sadly apart from the odd exception, are all now banished to history. Our past friend finder bring them back into your life! Past friends Finder Services in most cases deliver. See our testimonials page here

Local Chippie-Magical
Childhood friends gathering at the Local chippie-Magical!

Tracing old friends

People of the older generations perceive their youth as “the golden days”. Certainly ‘to them’ they were/are!

Search for lost people.

Past Friends Finder, Will take you back along a long winding journey into finding your lost friend.

Many people today have a strong desire to reconnect with those magical times and old friends of yesteryear. To touch once more on those special and unique to you. Memories of fun days spent together with old mates.

The digital age makes keeping in contact with friends much simpler.

However, it doesn’t help very much when attempting to reconnect with them. Our younger generation now enjoys the use of digital technology, and Indeed often take it for granted. The concept of having to manually trace old friends to them would seem somewhat bizarre.

Living in a digital era means there are no limits on geographical location in digital friendships. Basically that’s all they know.

Nowadays (unless you wish to) you need never lose any of your friends. They are stored digitally on a PC or mobile device and can be retrieved anytime.

Being totally portable | connection are never lost

Regardless of where you move to. In contrast, many from the baby-boomer era did not have the benefit of digital storage. They are keen to experience travelling down memory lane. Determined to find that special long lost their friend who was lost so easily 40 years ago. People finder UK will (if you wish) will go about the task of finding them again. Opening up the past again.

We would love to help in finding a friend from the past

By doing so will offer you a fascinating insight into how life has treated them. Where they live now and whom they are living with. Giving you a yardstick as to how well you have fared.

Any children, grandchildren etc. What do they think of the world today, and an opportunity to reflect on their shared past? Also what they have learned along the way.

Remembering those formative years and the strong bond of friendship you once shared.

Seeing if what made you both laugh then still resonates. Also, the frustration and sadness in how they lost contact with each other.

Comparing notes. Taking today’s outlook on things, with that of your old friend can be very illuminating. Often over 40 years a left-wing militant changed to a right-wing nationalist, As the memories begin to come flooding back reveals a “different take” on certain events with different perspectives.

Sharing those times, places and events long gone are very heartening especially to elderly people. Quite often inducing a few tears as well as some laughter and joy. In the case of a long lost sweetheart, it can bring some kind of closure.

How to Find a person.

We have covered this topic extensively on our website as well as blogs we posted.

However briefly, If you wish to track them down yourself we suggest you visit either your local reference or county library. From here you can find archive electoral registers, and versions of Kelly’s directories.

There are also a number of online sites (very few free) who can help you. Facebook is the most popular one which people gravitate to. But we have found it pretty limited.

We could go on-an-on here. But really it depends on how much time you can devote to the search. Funds permitting, we suggest you might consider a specialise in this kind of search. May we respectfully include in this: our service: https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/

There are plenty more. Just type in – people search UK




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