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Reconnecting with a lost friend – Old Friends Finding

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Old friend finding As we grow older what better way of spending some of your leisure time than revising memories and finding lost friends from that unforgettable 60s era. Obviously, without some magical “time-machine” to whisk us all off back there. But unfortunately returning to the roaring 1960s sadly cannot be done.

Finding Old Friends is quite a challenging task.

A good idea to begin by tracing your memory banks back to that era is a good start.

John with E-Type Jaguar
e 1972 With My E -Type Jaguar

Lost friends from our youth.

Old friends finding. The problem is that missing crucial element:- that actual special person with whom you were with at the time. For many of us, this is the part which makes it all so worthwhile. To put it another way; without the presence of that special someone alongside you, it all seems rather futile.

Old friends finding -friends from the past

Being aware the past cannot be restored makes it all the more frustrating. That’s probably why so many of us miss it so much. Placing it high above and holding such a special place. Wanting to go back, if only they could- myself included!.

Each of us has our own unique and special memories. Usually, it’s a certain song shared between the two of you, which instantly takes us right back there. Being with a special person on a special day.

Finding old friends.

Once inseparable Old school friends. | What became of them?

Obviously, old friends finding without some magical “time-machine” to whisk us all off on a magical ride, returning to the roaring 1960s sadly cannot be done. Although Memories of places visited can be easily revisited, they are usually never the same! Some are unrecognisable whereas others remain much the same, so what the problem?

Actually knowing the past cannot be restored makes it so much more frustrating. That’s probably why so many of us miss it so much. Going back hold such a special place. Wanting to go and step back in time – if only we could- myself included!.

Hearing a piece of music can vividly relate and rewind our inbuilt time-machine. Music has the most powerful effect -like no other.

Each of us has our own unique and special musical memories of a certain song, which never fail to return us to way back then. Together with that special person, on a special day back in the 1960s.

Who better to remind us of “going back” than listening to that beautiful 60s classic song, sung by the inimitable and legendary- Dusty Springfield “Love, you Dusty”!

Dusty Spriengfield
Courtesy Of Wikipedia 1965 Dusty Springfield

This article is dedicated to memories of the 1960s. Remembering lost loves/sweethearts special friends and times shared together.

People Places, events, and magical memories. Also various locations we visited.

Today I find myself musing on those years gone-by times and places with whom I was with, and where we went to. The good times, bad, and some forgettable.

My main memories relate to London. Places which instantly spring to mind: Carnaby Street, Hyde Park pop concerts, Camden Town – The Roundhouse. Shopping in Oxford Street, Petticoat Lane on a Sunday morning, Soho, and nearby Chinatown. Dressed in our gaily coloured hippy clothes.

Going back to the 1960s and remembering lost friends

I recall the magical feeling of shopping on the King’s road and purchasing a pair of black ‘Chelsea boots’, all the rage at that time. Buying my girlfriend a long flowing hippy dress.

No doubt all these places are today still there. But with a new generation of visitors treading the same path as us – their predecessors. To us oldies, they are treading on hallowed ground. But then again- so were we as Carnaby Street was around a long time before us. Now I have so many lovely but fading memories.

Old Friends From The 1960s Not Forgotten.

Recalling us walking together along Oxford Street. Seeing for the first time up-close the magical ‘E-Type Jaguar’ first introduced to looks and gasps of astonishment at the 1960 Geneva motor show.

Oxford Street in those days was packed with these flashy exotic luxury sports cars. Being a young person and not wealthy. I often found myself gazing longingly at these wonderful and coveted motor cars.

Making a promise to myself that “one day I will own one”. Never thinking it would really happen. But did!

The nation was on a high after winning the world cup in 1966.

The economy was as I recall,- OK. Although I personally was shielded from any harsh realities of living costs. Mainly due to my lovely parents funding me a decent financial subsidy.

Which year exactly was all this going on? As near as I can recall it was 1968. Around the time of the Mexico Olympics.

One particular young lady who’s name springs to mind was named Jean. A tall and willow young lady with great charm, style, and panache. God knows what she ever saw in a bore like me!

Usually, we would travel up by train and then, unfortunately, missing the last scheduled return train home. Inevitably instead jumping on the milk train and sitting amongst loads of milk churns. What did we care-no we did not! After arriving at our home town train station we then together thumbed a lift home.

How long ago am I talking about? Well to my astonishment its 52 years ago.

Now finding myself well into retirement years and armed with a few bob in the bank, I have decided to step back from the year 2020 merry go round.

I’m planning to propel myself back in time to those heady days of my youth. To indulge Jumping aboard the time machine, which will transport me back to those magical days of the 1960s.

Yes, the 1960s. But who will metaphorically accompany me on this journey? Well, actually the renown ‘back in time services’ of friends reconnected.

The people who specialise in tracing lost friends. Why do I need them! Well for a start what’s the point in revisiting these places and location from the past, without the most important ingredient:- the actual person whom I was with at the time.

To be continued.

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