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Nostalgia-Pining For the Past


Finding Lost Friends Nostalgia-And Reconnecting With Your Past.

Nostalgia pining for the past. Perhaps not by design but it does provide a poignant reminder of our own mortality.

Nostalgia Pining For The Past
Its Been 50 Years Since We Last Met Where Are You Now My Dear Lady?

Nostalgia retracing your past

We are here to help you achieve it.

Find A Long Lost Friend

Nostalgia pining for the past and all those wonderful enduring memories of times long gone.

Youth now a thing of the past.

Purity and naivety lost in today’s world. A special relationship that sadly died.

Remembering Your First Teens Sweetheart

Nostalgia pining for the past-not surprising,! Today as we grow old we are left with no more than a few faded photographs, evoking warm feelings and a smile. We go back to those heady days and the exciting memories stored in our minds.

Frustratingly, try as we might, to crystallize those thoughts memories so important at that time,-the past cannot be brought back-it’s gone. No matter how many occasions we revisit those times and places, view old photographs, etc. sadly we must let them go and say goodbye.

Actually that is-the very heart of what is Nostalgia-pining for the past.

Each high it delivers is countered with a low. Each wonderful memory we cherish is tinged with some yearning, sadness, and regrets. Especially as the clock continues to tick away our youth becomes more of a distant memory as we prepare to face out later years.

Then, of course, we are engulfed in certain grief of parts of it. All those special moments never to come back again. The person who once in your life was so important, adored and cherished is now gone forever. We try to cling on, but its-Gone!

We recall fondly simple things, like a day trip to the seaside.

A wander along the pier, a ride on the scenic railway followed by candy floss and a toffee apple. Walking hand-in-hand, and the exquisite feeling of your very first love gazing so adoringly, hanging on to your every word.

However, it’s long gone that specific time, and location. Clacton On Sea and the impressive; “Clacton” pier back in 1966.

Those memories, you have a license to keep forever in your heart. But that special day, that minuscule speck of time is gone forever. You can’t have it back! You can only revisit it as an observer. It can’t be repeated. A past which sadly will never return.

In some way, we are all incarcerated “in some form of an exile” from our past, and life’s event.

When we look back, we realise our lives marched inexorably onwards to what is our eventual destiny-good bye world.

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