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Find Missing People

Missing an ex Sweetheart?

Missing someone UK. People tracing is what we are about. Find an old friend someone you hold very dearly. We specialise in finding them for you.

Back in 1977

Missing Someone Can Be Painful

Whether it be a long-lost relative an old friend or an ex-lover, we are up for the challenge. However, be under no illusion it is usually far from an easy task in finding them. Albeit claimed to be so, by certain armchair experts.

It’s like having to pass through a labyrinth of mostly dead-ends. We know this to be the case from many years of experience in this area of research. See here page: PEOPLE FINDING.

Missing An Old Friend


Missing Someone UK. When eventually that special person you are seeking is found, they could be living anywhere across the entire world. From say Australia, to just around the corner.

Of course, if you lost old friend lives just around the corner- in theory, it should be easy to reconnect.

But if say 20 years have elapsed since you last met would you instantly recognise each other? Many of us feel we haven’t aged so well, but nevertheless, we have aged, and after 20 years we do appear somewhat different all the same!

How To Find A Missing Person?

Finding A friend

How many people when searching for an old friend, discovered that for years they passed each other daily on their way to work! Yes, it’s not unusual. An irony which makes the search even more unexpected.

How do we go about finding missing people UK.

Unless you get lucky, a determined resolute and tenacious approach is required.

The first obstacle is the name changes. Upon marriage, the female usually changes her surname. Further complicated when they are divorced, and the name changes again if she remarries.

Or if she does not remarry, she might or might not revert to her maiden name. That’s the bad NEWS.

Good news is when tracing lost friends:

There are a large number of websites out there which hold a lot of this information. So, simply enter a Google search for what you need and no doubt you will be pointed in the right direction.

Assuming you have this information it’s on to round two:

Checking up which person it is? Often there can be 500 Margaret Smith’s listed. It can be whittled down by having Mr Smith’s Christian name too.

It’s possible on some sites, to perform a two-person name search simultaneously. Let’s take Derek and Margaret Smith. This will reduce the field from say 500 entries to say 100.

We can reduce it further by searching a year or date of birth. If Margaret was born in 1955 it may return just 20 entries.

Then armed with this info, we searched Derek and Margaret once again

Theoretically, we are almost there. One more valuable thing to remember here is; that many people do not move far away. Maybe not the same town but within the same county.

Thus, from this search outwards.

Let’s say Margaret was born in Faversham, Kent. There is a strong likelihood she remained in that area. But, by now, the field has narrowed a lot anyway.

If no-go then we look at other options.  Assuming we found the right person we then need to access the address. There are a few ways to do this, for example, www.192.com

Or if you wish you could try us https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/

https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/ Contact: Tel: 07561 698 453 email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

Story to be continued.