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Missing an old friend - Family holiday in Bognor Regis
Missing an old friend – Joan and Iris in Bognor Regis 1967

Are you missing an old friend? Why am I missing my old friend, or lost love, so much?

I guess many reasons all mixed into one big pot of emotions, both positive and negative, and woven into the rich tapestry that is my life. However, old friends are very important.

One of the questions I ask myself is, will my old friend recognise me today? And do they ever wonder what happened to me?

These are all valid questions, and let’s face it, none of us is getting any younger. Although I am mature with grown-up kids and grandchildren, some questions deserve an answer, and that answer will fill a void.

I often find myself reminiscing, remembering the carefree times of my youth. How exciting would it be if we could go back in time, even if only for a little while?

To revisit those times and places where relive the memories and enjoy those carefree moments. Times when nothing mattered except us – relax in the selfishness of youth, live life without care just
once more.

I know it’s not going to be easy, I lost you along the way to adulthood responsibilities, but it bothers the hell out of me; all I can say is life and events conspired against us. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just the simple pleasure of seeing you again is priceless to me anyway. I know in my eyes you will be the same no matter how many years have passed. Fun, carefree and full of life, your life and a life I can’t wait to find out about.

People say you shouldn’t live in the past, but I say why not? The past doesn’t have to dominate your future, but a foray into a less complicated time is good for the soul.

So, I will reach out and find you and let you remind me of the person I was or even the person I could have been.

I miss you; I want you to be part of my life, but our separation was undoubtedly my fault, I can’t change that, and if I don’t find you for whatever reason, I will enjoy the journey.

My life has always been along the road less travelled, and I will not get to my destination without you or at least knowing that I tried to find you.

So accept this note as a love letter from the past and a ticket to our future; no stone will go unturned, and know that everything will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end!

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