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Trace Friends from the Past – Lost Memories of the 1960s

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Searching for an old friend?

Memories of the 1960s. Do you often look back in your later years? Cherish and harbour memories of that era the good, bad, and c’est la vie.

Memories of the 1960s
Memories of the 1960s I still think about you!

Friends Reconnected will metaphorically take you back to those magical days of the 1960s. In particular, where we can, reuniting you with the most elusive and missing element a “friend lost” along the way. A lost friend is something you might need some help with. The rest you can probably do yourself.

1960s Memories of faces and places

Bringing you back together with old friends you lost from that era! We bet you are thinking, no- not possible. Let us demonstrate to you here through our former clients’ testimonials here that it IS POSSIBLE-Take a look here

She needs no introduction!

The lady shown below epitomises for us the 1960s

Going back to the 1960s photo
Remembering the 1960s and the legendary Dusty Springfield!

Memories of the 1960s. What to keep in mind when attempting to find a lost friend. When its a very common name it’s useful if you possess some other unique information relating to them.

This will narrow your online search enabling you to flush out any false starts and misdirection of travel. Middle names and initials are “priceless” this information has so often helped us solve the mystery. especially when we have the surname “Smith” to contend with.

The 1960s era meant so much to me.

Every day seemed like a summer’s day. Days in my life which at that time, I took so much for granted. Then, it was just simply another normal ordinary day!

Above the only image in my possession of this wonderful girlfriend not seen since 1969. Today more than 50 years every day I still miss her very much. I remember well we went on holiday together to Italy, I have this enduring photograph taken in Pompeii. Sadly it looks like I have lost you forever. Tried my best to find you but sadly, it seems you have disappeared forever.

How did the separation come about?

Who was at fault here? Well, actually it was me! My petulant bossy and stroppy behaviour. Totally uncalled-for and in the end, I got exactly what I deserved. OH, how I would just love to simply say hello once again. The last I heard you were planning to return to your native country, Czechoslovakia.

The music of 50 years ago was and still is like n other generation produced. Today just listening to some of that music-evoked so many latent memories of such special times.

Memoires today I cherish so much.

I try not to use the rose-tinted glasses, but everything about that era was phenomenal.

Music, Pop culture-Woodstock, the emergence of the Hippies, every day seemed so wonderful and special. Swinging London, Carnaby Street, unforgettable.

What drives us on to reconnect with yesteryear? Many of our enquirers are age 70 plus and see nothing much beyond gloom and despondency.

Looming frailty, lack of sharpness in thought and actions. Mobility scooters, even worse, the possibility of entering into a residential care home.

Revising back to the 1960s gives a new spring to the stride. Topped off with being with old friends once again from that era. People you relate to.

In most cases, we are able to find your old friend.

The 1960s. For me evokes instant memories of the pop scene.

Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Doors, Walker Brothers, Righteous Brothers, Kinks, Animals, The Who, The Monkees, Small faces, Marvin Gaye, Four Tops, Barron Knights, Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison, The Bachelors, Peter Sarstedt, Beach Boys, Wilson Pickett, Spencer Davies, Jimmy Ruffin, Supremes, Temptations, Paul Jones, Wayne Fontana, Donovan, Troggs, Georgie fame, Cream, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones., Bacharach and David, Moody Blues, Crispian St. Peters. We were a fortunate generation to have grown up through such a brilliant musical era.

Sadly so many of them no longer with us!

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