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find lost sweet heart

find  a lost sweetheartFind a lost sweetheart.

I cant believe its more than 50 years since we first met.  How has your life panned out? I would love to know.  Amazing for me Just to think that wild child hippie I met all those years ago is now possibly a- mum and grandma. Questions, Questions!

For many of the baby boomer generation they now see themselves in a position of yearning to revisiting their youth as times marches on.

Find a lost old-flame is it a good idea?

Increases in importance amongst older people who find themselves more and more isolated. They see a diminishing Loss of family and friends circles. Mainly due to loss of contact through people moving on and inevitable mortality. All “chipping away” until one day they will have (apart from close family) nobody to share their past with. Old folks often find when going out locally, they never meet absolutely anyone they knew from their past.

On the odd occasion when they do its becomes a very uplifting experience. Speaking to a long standing “old mate” lifts them up, invigorates making themselves feel, look, and behave younger. For a younger person its hard to understand the joy and value of meeting up with a long lost friend.

Second time around there is a renewed and stronger desire never to let them go again. They can then revisit those lovely old times shared instead of alone. How many times have we all at some time asked an old pal” do you remember”……..!

Find a lost sweetheart will I succeed.

Probably 80% of the baby boomer generation are still with us today..somewhere- out there. You find yourself thinking about someone special to you from that era, Conversely hoping sometimes they are thinking about you too.

Friends Reconnected are totally dedicated and on your side in finding them again. For us, it becomes something of a mission. Equally the more difficult it becomes the more resolute we become. Incredibly in probably 20 years from now, almost everyone will be easily contactable. The use of Emails and website pages. Facebook etc ensure you can keep in touch from childhood to the grave. What a thought!

Let’s go find find a lost sweetheart for you. Better to try and fail than not to have tried at all.

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