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Lost People Tracers – We Help You find Your Memories!

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Lost People Tracers

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Dedication and going over and beyond! Lost People tracers-extraordinaire!

Trace and old friend

It’s what we do- Lost people tracers Tracing Lost people- From the relatively straightforward through to some of the toughest and most complicated.

Often we find ourselves armed with scant limited and incomplete information. But we press-on, as we enjoy the work and a good challenge!

People Finding Services

Lost People Tracers -Learning from our previous experiences.

For sure we made mistakes along the way. One, in particular, was attempting to multi-task.

This way it’s inevitable to miss something -which did happen sometimes. To remedy this, now we work solely on only one case at a time.

We have learned that to try and split our time between more than one project at a time, can be disastrous.

We just keep on with the one case. Often a breakthrough will come in the middle of the night after hours of dissecting, the various aspects and threads of a case. We don’t put that case down until it’s 100% tidy.

Lost People Tracers Worldwide

Whilst, of course, our focus is on traces we conduct within the UK, occasionally we undertake people traces abroad. We basically take on the ones which have a reasonable chance of success. We are selective, as overseas are usually very expensive. Won’t waste your or our time if it is unlikely to succeed.

Reason costs escalate, is because we need to ‘contract -out’ a lot of the trace work to locals.

Work, which is done in the UK, we would normally conduct ourselves.

Tracing people abroad does leave us slightly exposed. As to an extent we have to rely on other people. Those who possess that priceless local knowledge. This can be frustrating on our part as we are sometimes left in the dark. Generally, for overseas traces, you need deep pockets!

Lost Friend Finder UK

The UK Is, of course, our home territory. Where our reputation has been forged. When we are working on home territory everything is clear and we are in control. Embarking On a People Search Journey in the UK, we have most of the tools at our disposal to make the search into a success.

We also understand that the geography of the UK and where one location is in relation to another.

This is invaluable knowledge as we can make informed guesses more reliable.

Often say a person was born in Dover, Kent, they more often than not do remain in that area.

Very handy for us to tracks the place where the individual got married. Without even referring to a map we know the names of many towns in Kent. This saves a lot of time.

Of course, if the individual moved away from Kent we would likely know the names of surrounding towns and counties. Again, saving a lot of time.

The process of finding lost friends

Following an in-depth telephone conversation, we ask you to complete a carefully developed and structured questionnaire. Designed to assists us with the profiling process.

We do however need more than just your original memories of the missing person. The questions we have formulated will empower you to provide us with as much useful information as possible.

This process ensures that from the word go we will have a clear picture

We have access to extensive data resources to ensure a thorough search can be undertaken.

Our systematic and meticulous approach coupled with a competent and friendly cheerful family tracing team ensures the best chance of success.

We diligently work through the maze of information with passion and professionalism. For us, it is great fun and enjoyable, which helps a lot!

lost people tracers

Reconnecting Old Friends

Lost People Tracers. People Tracing Services which reconnects you with:

  • Lost family members
  • Your birth mother or father
  • Old friends
  • Lost sweethearts
  • Someone who owes you money  (for this service we use trusted partner agencies, it’s not our speciality)
  • A previous business associate  (for this service we use trusted partner agencies, it’s not our speciality)  Lost People Tracers

Contact us via phone:Tel: 07561 698 453 email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

We are here to assist.


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