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lost friends

Lost Friends

As the years roll by, sadly and logically, our old and lost friends become a fading memory. For many looking back isn’t so important and the past-is-the-past. But for others, there is a void in their lives with many regrets as to how contact with lost friends, was lost. For many its curiosity as to how their lives turned out, what they did and doing now etc. Also a curiosity as to how they look today, how much they have changed etc. Lost friends are precious.

Lost sweethearts.

This is a more tricky and complex area,  Obviously, whatever happened in the past, the fact is it resulted in the friendship/romance breaking up/dissolving. Defining moments, where things went in a certain direction. Someone you had laughed together with,  great fun, became a couple, with optimism, and high hopes for the future.

40 years on, we look at ourselves how we have changed, mentally and physically, and watching our own grandchildren growing up. Overriding is a sense of regrets at letting that person GO. Or the other person letting you GO.

From our experiences its not about rekindling a lost romance but more about being able to say hello again and rekindling friendship. People seeking a lost sweetheart are very resolute and determined and will not give up easily. Especially where the person is elderly and perhaps not enjoying the best of health. There becomes an extra urgency with time running out.

Especially where the people searcher feels they let the other side down.

Often the individual wants no more than to just say sorry, I did love you and let me at least hold your hand once more.

So, how to find lost friends and what and how to go about it?

Here is a link to a very good site where you might find your old friends free of charge. https://www.wikihow.com/Search-on-the-Internet-for-a-Long-Lost-Friend 

If all else fails you might wish to consider using the services of a professional person tracer. Not a detective but an old friend tracer.

Good luck with your search.

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