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Find Long lost Friends

A once lovely memorable friendship or courtship long gone!

Lets pick-up on it again -at least as a friend and companion. If you want it enough it’s achievable!

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The task of finding Long lost friends.

find long lost friends

Although maybe its 50 years ago or more, you find yourself periodically and have done so for many years.  Innocently reminiscing to those halcyon days with a  mix of bittersweet memories. One could say whimsical memories!

Where is your former sweetheart today?

Is she/He OK?  happy, good health and would they appreciate you trying to find them? Do you often wonder if they also (sometimes) perhaps cast their mind back to those long long lost days?

To find a long lost friend is not the easiest of tasks. Beware it can also end in disappointment. Do keep this in mind.

Pursuing long lost friends can often take years of painstaking work. But you want to know why/where did it go all wrong and why are you not together now?  Perhaps you do know the reasons if you were the one who broke it off!  Sometimes, of course, it’s as well not to push this issue too much. We might not like the answer. You may have been selfish, thoughtless, self-centred or the new friends may have appeared more dashing and handsome at that time.

How have the interim years been kind to him/her?

Find lost friends and the rocky road ahead. Are they today perhaps rich and affluent?  Or conversely poor and living in social accommodation or even deceased. You don’t know, but- want to know. Huge tinges of sadness and a desire If you felt it was your fault and want to do all you can to make it up. Time and memories play on you as you feel somehow you let that person down. Why?.. goodness knows.

Oh to just say hello again to see that face once again. Even though possibly the ageing process has changed it…So what, you have changed too. You don’t care, it’s still your lovely former girl/boyfriend. The one who was at one time devoted and dedicated to you.

To find a long lost friend

Going about the task in finding them.

What we need from you is as much information as possible as to whether there were any possibilities of a  friend with clearly memorable names but not if its Smith or Jones. Jim Wilson who lived in Ebury Street London 20 years ago is usually useless to us.

Chances are they have moved and then we would probably have to sift through 5000 entries of Jim Wilson. How are we going to identify that particular one?  .impossible. .But undoubtedly our best method of approach is to find relatives. They would often know where they are today or, at least a town where they think they may have moved to.

Find long lost friends is what we do and do it with relish and enthusiasm. As long as you share our enthusiasm and communicate promptly we have a chance.

A fling of the past can become a thing of now today!

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