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John and Libby

What is it that we do?

Firstly all about John here

Our bread and butter consist of one central idea: finding your long-lost people in England and the rest of the UK.

In addition, we undertake overseas searches spanning the entire globe.

Finding lost friends is our forte, whether reconnecting you with lost mates, family members, old school friends,or even a first love or old flame. 

While we use many techniques and technologies to get the job done, one of our most significant assets is John, our head and indeed sole researcher.

About John

Known in some quarters as the “silver fox” John has been academically engaged in searching for lost people and genealogy for over 55 years. Although he is now retired, he spends most of his time assisting Friends Reconnected with people tracing.

While he has cut his teeth as a successful businessman in his adult years, John has been fascinated with the task of people tracing since he was a teenager. 

His journey began when he was around 13 years old (1958-ish), by spending his days visiting his local reference library, endlessly browsing through lists of who’s-who’s. 

He remembers those days fondly, recalling the creaking oak staircases in the magnificent old Gothic-style buildings, with their elegant reading rooms, quill pens and customary ornate wall clocks. Not to mention the many encounters he had with stern-faced librarians who would easily hiss you out if you dared make too much noise for their liking. 

Regardless, John relished staring at long lists of names and street addresses, never getting bored and always finding the challenge of finding a lost person very invigorating. In those days the Kelly’s directory was very useful.

Today, John’s reputation within the people-finder community precedes him. Are you looking for a people finder in London? John is your man. On the search for a people finder in the UK? Look no further than John and Friends Reconnected. 

Highly respected and sought after in many circles, John is in his element when he is chatting with intelligent, respectful and kind people. It is something not often seen nowadays, and everyone at Friends Reconnected works hard to be the change they want to see in the world. 

Friends Reconnected, and John makes a point of keeping in contact with their former clients. Everyone is welcome to arrange a chat to discuss finding their lost person as often as they wish.

Questions FAQ


  • How do I find a friend I lost contact with?

Reconnect with any mutual friends you had and check websites like Facebook. If you are still having trouble finding the person, contact our team for a free consultation.

  • How can I find a lost friend for free?

As a guide, you can check your local reference library archives sections and keep searching old telephone directories, as well as Facebook. Google can also help you in your search.

  • How can I trace an old friend?

You can use the national archives register as a starting point. Another great source of information is parish registers, as their records are immaculate. The internet is a great source for tracing people’s numbers and names but can take a very long time. Should any of your own research show little to no results, the only other option is hiring a professional tracer.

  • How do I contact a long-lost friend?

We suggest starting with a good old-fashioned letter; it shows that you are serious about getting to know the person again. Do not begin with an apology, but rather ask about their life now and their families.

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