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Finding missing people

Below is a selection of cases John has undertaken.


Tracing a lady not seen by our client since 1966.

A UK ex-pat on an extended two months holiday from the USA. Our client met her at a local dance-hall. After they spent her entire holiday in each other’s company. 

On her day of departure, he offered to drive her to Heathrow airport. Unfortunately due to heavy traffic en-route there was no time for a proper farewell moment. – not even a brief kiss – she just rushed into the terminal building.

They agreed to at least keep in touch. But sadly this didn’t happen.

Our client concedes it was he who failed to answer a letter from her. Found a new girlfriend etc. Today he wanted to personally apologise and express regret at the traumatic end to their friendship at Heathrow, back in 1967.

Our client had an address in Detroit dating back to 1967-not encouraging. A common Christian name and a lesser-known surname. But unless she remained single it would have changed-so no use!

After months of combing through the Internet, a breakthrough came. A lady with the same name but a hyphenated surname.

Sure enough, it turned out to be exactly who we were looking for!

Today they are both living alone widow and widower. We are hoping we have done something special for both of them. 

To:- John and Libby thanks very much for the sterling work done on the trace-miraculous, John Best wishes, John and Lorna.

Case Study 2

The almost-impossible task of finding “P” from Finland.

“P” from Finland arrived in the UK in 1967 to take up a summer job. Working as a live-in assistant for a national charity-managed orphanage (Methodist Church).

The information we had to work with was as follow:-

  1. A Christian name which was an adopted Anglicised give by her UK work colleagues
  2. Originated from Helsinki.
  3. Her father was British. He served in WW2 in the British Army.

That’s it? We had no surname and just a UK “nicknamed” Christian name.

We began with the institution where “P” worked. Unfortunately, closed down in the 1980s. Some records by problems with DATA protection.

Tried various UK Forums related to her ex-employer/ Finland ex-pats, zilch!

The Finland Embassy! Wouldn’t so much as acknowledge four emails we sent them!

Next up, Facebook forums in Finland. A few replies but not impressed we possessed neither a surname nor indeed the correct Christian name.

The next initiative. We advertised for paid freelancers in Finland to work on Press media, radio, etc. We included in the story of this elderly English gentleman who simply had it in his heart to once more say hello !

Eureka!  A national newspaper took up the story https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/201705222200145960

Happily resulting in us finding “P” – now a 67-year-old mum and gran, still living in Helsinki! Thanks very much, Joon and Libby for all you did to bring us together again, a Miracle Derek and Paivi.


Finding childhood mentor and inspiration not seen since 1954.

We were commissioned by our client to help find the woman who was his childhood mentor and inspiration. She was his “Akela” at his local cub’s group.

The information we had to work with was:

  1. Her full maiden name.
  2. Her address during that time-roundabout 1953.
  3. The information that her father was a widely known local businessman.
  4. She had a younger brother and we had his full name.

Using local Electoral roll archives we were able to find her full name, which included her middle name.

Both parents died in the early 1970s. Found a brother showing a listing in St. Neots until 2005, but no listing of him having ever married or any children.

Within an hour we learned she had married a local gentleman around 1961 and later they emigrated to the United States. As we had completed an extensive background search we believed this must be the right person, so we decided to follow this trail.

Anyway, we are going to cut this story short. Reading it back It’s beginning to give us a headache and am sure doing the same for you. Suffice to say they are today in regular contact!

We take pride in the fact that we will never give up searching!


We were tasked to locate a person whom our client had not seen since 1971.

Our client fondly remembers him“In the early 1970s. Rather like the type you meet at Petticoat Lane. Usually Jewish (he was), and a bark worse than his bite.

At that time I was working in a rentals office. He was seeking another agency to handle his property portfolio. He was full of confidence whereas I was somewhat withdrawn. We got on very well!

I can imagine him today with his mobile phone permanently attached to his ear!

Often we would go together on the next deal in his MGB sports car with the roof down, him with his trusty smoking pipe firmly gripped between his teeth.

Surprisingly and without warning, he seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.

Finding missing people is our mission.

The first port of call was his local historic library. A historic Electoral register revealed his surname had only one “L” instead of two. This apparent minor omission proved a crucial detail.

Our search took in family origins of Stepney and Poplar in the 1930s. there was an absolute myriad of obstacles in this case.

We discovered a cousin in Israel, but no response. An Internet listing in Madrid -similar name-double-barrelled. Actually It was him – but he had moved.

After more work and disappointments eventually we traced him to the Dominican Republic. Sadly he passed away in 2011. Buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave! A terrible disappointment to everyone.

John and Libby.

My wife and I are forever grateful for the splendid effort you put in, trying to trace dad. Thanks, mate-you are a star! M. Hyams.

case study 5

An elderly gentleman age 75 asked us to find his ‘Eileen’ whom he had not seen since 1967

All we had from our client was was: A Christian name, town, road, and a vague recollection of the house she once lived with her parents in 1967.

Worked at a local Coop corner store. Name of an old friend “Veronica” living close-by in Wood Green.

Here is what he gave us in the way of events.

Dated during the summer of 1967. A lovely girl but for me a bit too clingy. Eventually, due to my intransigent attitude, we parted. I think I imagined I was a bit of a “James Dean” macho and unkind was the way to go.

Ironically 5 years later by pure chance, I happened to bump into her again in a local corner shop where she was working.  That was the last time I ever saw her. It could have been a defining moment to reunite us. But being a very awkward encounter I just kind of clammed up.

our client wanted To feel and savour the journey to where he thought was her house. A re-run of a journey he made by car so often 53 years ago.

Having found the house we moved on quite well. We don’t want to bore you with the finer details here but it wasn’t easy.

We were beset by a host of false starts. Mainly due to incorrect assumptions poor guesses. Our searches took in the UK, South of France, and ironically back to Muswell Hil. Today a widow aged 74 and sadly living in a residential care home.

They have rekindled their friendship and our client happily visits her virtually every day. It’s now payback time for his foolish behaviour all those years ago says our client. His parting shot was:- If only I had conducted this search earlier!

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