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Introducing our family team. Headed up by John our veteran, at age 74.

John has himself since 1962 spent many years on and off in various archive research projects.

He enjoys applying himself. Being naturally inquisitive, and tireless in his research. Couple with exceptional lateral thinking which often enables the unlocking of stubborn and difficult searches. A determined passion for reconnecting long lost friends augment all of that.

We hope he will not mind us to saying so but his calm, quiet and unassuming modesty steers us through.

Ably assisted by his wife (Libby) who supports him in people finding.

John quickly points out however he is far from being any sort of miracle worker. There are for sure limits as to what can be delivered. If it’s going to prove virtually impossible he will tell you quite frankly from the outset.

Although in contradiction-“really” almost anyone can eventually be found.

But set against this is the cost to consider. One or two cases have taken ‘on-and-off’-THREE years!

John also believes in the importance of collaborating with other people, and other people finder agencies. Especially when specific expertise is required. For example, areas where valuable local knowledge is critical, or when the person is tracked abroad.

Ironically John is affectionately known in some quarters as- the “silver fox”. He’s been academically engaged in genealogy for the last 55 years.

During this time he successfully reconnected numerous lost family members, long lost friends, and not forgotten lost sweethearts.

John says:- “Our Lost friend finding service-

brings us a wonderful and excitingly different challenge each and every time.

Luckily something none of us around here are ever tired of.

“I have been fascinated with the task of people finding, ever since I was a teenager”.

His journey began by visiting the local reference library. Endlessly browsing through who’s -who- lists.

He recalls spending endless hours in magnificent old “Gothic” style buildings with creaking oak staircases.

Encountering many stern librarians, who would quickly hiss at you if you made too much noise for their liking.

Cherished memories of elegant reading rooms, quill pens, and the customary ornate wall clock. Staring at long lists of names and street addresses, something which never bored him.

In fact, he always found the challenge of searching for a lost person very invigorating.”

John’s days spent in the library reference section began at around age 12 (1958 ish).

In those days it began by trying to establish the real names of his favourite novelist who at that time was: “Roderic Graeme”.

Like many authors in those days, he used a non-de -plume Pseudonym name.

Eventually, John unravelled what was his real name. It came about by chance coming across an Almanac which gave the listing of all artists and writers and their non- deplume.

John wanted to write to his favourite “Roderic Graeme” and from the almanac and local voters list he managed to “crack” it. Although this might seem simple and a logical route, at the time as stated John- was only age 12.

From those early beginnings and modest successes all those years ago, John continues to this day (time permitting) in assisting others in finding lost friends.

Today his reputation precedes him. Highly respected and sought after within the ‘people finder’ community.

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