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To pine and long For | A Past Love

long for a past love
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Do you long for a Past Love?

Long for a lost love and want to know how best to find them? Quite easy, after all, there are only 7.5 trillion people out there to choose from.

In the U.K. alone, you have more than 60, 000 million people to choose from.

That old expression: “Needle in a Haystack,” springs to mind!

Find missing Friends

Longing for A long lost friend is a powerful and emotive force to be reckoned with.

If you seriously want to find missing friends the big question is -how! Do you sit and wait for them to find you? Or do you go proactive, and search for them? Or, perhaps, combine a bit of both.

Throughout our lives, we often, and inadvertently, ‘turn our backs’ on good friends.

A current love quickly becomes a past love. We turn away, and they are gone. This happened more frequently during the pre-digital communication era.

What usually happened was: A past love, teenage sweetheart, or an old friend, gradually wandered/strayed off out of our lives.

These can be best described as:- ‘friends lost” by accident and without any intent. It just so often occurred in the old days. Mainly due to limited means of maintaining contact in those pre-digital era days.

Rediscovering that special friend – lost sweetheart once again.

Option 1. Sit -back and wait for them to find you. It sounds a good idea but it means that they (the other party) have to show the initiative and drive, to actively seek you out. Not just thinking about it but- actually DOING – IT.

This involves them sitting down and thinking about it/you. Then posting on say Facebook or, numerous other digital sites. In addition posting on “old school friends, workplaces and any amount of other places. 

Maybe asking around with a mutual old friend that you are both still in touch with. Once all that has been done it’s then a case of simply waiting and hoping.

Waiting and hoping your lost friend- by a miracle-find the same site you are on.

To be brutally frank (unless you strike lucky) there is a big task ahead to find them.

There are millions of similar sites out there.  The chances that your old friend will be looking for you at the same time, and deciding at the same time to post on one of the vast numbers of people search websites are slim. Frankly, it’s a million to one chance.  

We often see postings on people finder sites such as:- Trying to find my dad’s old friend George…..bla-bla….. not seen since 1965 in  Bolton, Lancs.

What are the chances of George, or someone who knew him 50 years ago actually going on to that same site, at the same time, as you are on it!

It might work if you were both ‘psychic ‘and knew you were both going to register on that same site, at the same time. To be frank we question the value of many of these people-finder search websites. Not that their intentions are in any way insincere, but we don’t see how they can work.

Option 2. Same as option 1. But turning it around on its head. Instead you-play the active role.

Option 3. Ideally, but unlikely you both set about the task independently. This way you should logically obtain a positive result 50% quicker.

Conclusion. If you have lost an old friend in the seething masses of millions, don’t hang around waiting for them to contact you. Instead, go out and find them.  If both of you do nothing then you will both achieve nothing.

We suggest contacting a specialist organization that offers people tracing professionally. Or there are a number of DIY guide books out there.

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