OLD VERSION IGNORE I’m Losing the Connection … Is Anybody There?


The road ahead seems to narrow as we get on in years. Some of our peers have already gone their way. Will we be the last ones left standing without a connection? Covid lockdown made it seem like that at times. As if we were the only people on the delivery list.

It Was a Time to Question and Reflect

It was a time to question and reflect. If lockdown went on forever would we always be on our own. If a friend did not answer an email did this mean we had lost the connection? Did the things we achieved together really matter. Should we hold a solitary memorial?

Life was a mechanistic chore without friends popping by for a cup and a chat. We longed for someone to create a diversion. We learned friends were more than a pastime. Because they were an integral part of life and we really could not do without them. But we were alone in the evening when we went to bed.

It Was a Moment to Remember the Good Times

It was a time to remember the happy times of the past. Fun times we had with pals, and the occasional fling that still brings flutters. If only, if only we could reconnect again. Why does this seem so impossible now?

But there’s no answer when we write or call an old friend. Have they moved on in the human flow through spaces where we never go? Perhaps we have the wrong contact details. Perhaps they changed. How could we track them down now we are isolated by age?

We Wonder We Wonder Could We Ever Reconnect?

Hello old friend we imagine saying. It’d been a long time, do you remember those times we shared. I’m feeling really lonely on my own. Would you like to reconnect? Is that the hissing of a broken connection or you’re whispering from the past?

It’s the uncertainty that disturbs us most. The sense of a clock ticking, of time, running out. Is it time to start searching for that link to the past? If we leave it too late the bleakness, the loneliness could be hard.

The human desire for connection, reconnection is a powerful impulse. Should we dwell in the past, or step into the future. Friendship is a precious thing to keep and treasure. Shall we reach back? What would happen if we did. What would happen if we not?

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