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How To Find an Old Flame


Find a lost friend Where-else but with Friends Reconnected!reconnecting old flames

How to Reconnect with an old flame Truly one of the greatest joys in life is to be able to reconnect with a long lost friend from your past. We offer a service dedicated to assisting people who wish to do- precisely that.

To find your long lost friend

Or indeed how to reconnect with an old flame Could be reconnecting with an long lost School, work, Military, or indeed from any walk of life/

Let’s begin though by saying; reconnecting with an old flame really, and in total honesty, isn’t easy!

When considering Reconnect with an old flame

Of course these days of multiple routes you can on the face of it easily pursue finding lost friends

Reconnecting old flames There are for example numerous online tempting offers example, so you have plenty of choice. However, logically, we at Friends reconnected would not be in existence if it was that easy.

How to Reconnect with an old flame and Cost consideration

We see lots of adverts offering to find anyone for £30.00!..yeah- right! Hmmm- well……it may interest you to know it takes us on average (being conservative here) 80 hours. Thats right, Eighty hours of solid work to find a lost friend.

Equate that against a £30.00 finder’s fee.

Yes-there are certain cases where it is possible to find someone in an hour or two.

But only if they are showing in current databases, or non restricted versions of the electoral register, and shoing within the last five years. These databases are used mainly by debt collecting agency in tracing people who recently went below the radar. This is not our domain at all.

Finding old Friends Or Reconnecting An Old Flame

When reconnecting an old flame, or lost friend, we find ourselves usually tracing back 50 years and beyond. This is a vastly more complicated affair than the £30.00 one hour results..

Ours Require a totally different more creative/ lateral thinking, and intellectual approach.

A truly rewarding, challenging, as well as intriguing experience With a bonus of lofs of twists and turns along the way.

The search for lost friends

When going about the task of reconnecting old flames, our researchers who are our family member (Dads Army we call them) often find themselves burning the ‘midnight oil’. Becoming totally embroiled and locked into a ‘kind- of’ time warp.

Immersed in the often-intriguing trail of numerous dead-end routes, and disappointing false starts.

As the journey takes us back through the decades

As a bonus for our researcher’s (retied folk) it evokes for them many pleasant memories too.. Indeed its fair to say they are never bored. If they were-they wouldn’t do it. Usually we find ourselves having to drag them away from their research work. 

Describing some thoughts and Experiences of Being a Researcher (genealogist) 

People Tracing reconnecting old flames or find a lost friend.

Our founder John now age 73, has priceless and real first-hand experience living through the decades we now find ourselves covering. It add something special to what we do, as it becomes interwoven into some memories and experiences with his own past too. Somehow, we feel at times, it gives us an edge.

We liken it to writing for example a soldier landing on the beaches of Normandy on D day.

Nobody can describe it like they can unless they  were there too.

Here are some snippets he mentions relating to his own real experiences aboard the time passage machine. Many of which our older enquirers might relate to.

reconnecting old flames
Lyons Corner House

1954. A trip with grandma to a “Lyons Corner House,” A truly wonderful treat for a small child. Or, accompanying his Mum to a local very up-market “Home and Colonial” store. Being allowed to go on camping trips with the cubs and scouts. Memories of  Living under canvass and cooking sausages on a stick over the camp fire. The bus which transported them: a “Leyland Tiger” omnibus.

reconnecting old flames
Home and Colonial Store

reconnecting old flames
Leyland Tiger

1958. Asking dad for an ‘all the rage’ at that time- ‘Claud Butler’ racing cycle. Only to have his hopes dashed as it was out of dad’s financial reach.

1964. Sitting in a worker’s café in 1964 and listening for the first time to the spellbinding ‘Walker Brothers’, Or the magical voice of Jackie Trent,  Dusty Springfield, Jimmy Ruffin, it’s like we are back there again. Click on an above artist/group to play their wonderful music- Youtube.

1968. Woodstock Era.

The list goes on. But of course, that’s just a few snippets from his own personal memories.  However he recognises that to many what he remembers,  may seem to others rather boring, and mundane.

Revisiting our past

As we grow older we find many of us wish to reconnect with those whom we lost along the way. This is what we do and enjoy doing. There are various reasons including: –

Saying sorry

to convey regrets and thank the special person for once spending part of their lives with them. To say now many things unsaid between them 50 years ago. To confess they were a complete inconsiderate bum in those days, and want to make up for it. So without appearing morbid lets- go before its too late!

Reconnecting old flames 

ls a very sensitive area. Even when we find them, we have to pitch the approach in a non threatening way. Often the husband or wife are suspicious and wary of such an approach. In many cases refusing to pass on correspondence.

Finding an old friend. Lets go!

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