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How to Find Someone in the UK


Finding the People We Miss

How to find someone in the UK

UK Tracing Services for Lost Friends

Want to find out how to find someone in the UK? Are you interested in finding out the whereabouts of long-lost friends or loved ones? Friends Reconnected is a tracing service to find old connections both in the UK and abroad.


Let us join you as you retrace your footsteps through the sands of time. Searching for that special someone who used to be a part of your life.


Old Friends Reunited

Truly, one of the greatest joys one can experience is that which comes from reuniting with an old friend. It’s even more exciting when it’s a long-lost flame!


We at Friends Connected are determined to help you reconnect with connections who helped shape and bring light to your life in the past.


However, please keep in mind that tracing the location of your long-lost friends is far from an easy matter.


London Underground 1959

London Underground 1959, life is very much like the old wooden escalator in the picture above. We ride together in the same direction, ascending towards our destination, and we encounter others headed the same way.


Some of those people stay with us for a long time, while others pass quickly by. Still, when you meet someone who shares some of their journey with you.


It can be sad to remember those dim and distant times that went by, and how that person is no longer in your life.


But unlike an escalator, you can find those friends and loved ones again, rekindling those connections you once had. Friends Reconnected are at your service.


Finding Lost Friends

Of course, as stated earlier finding lost friends, and loved ones is often a highly challenging brief. Hunting down information, seeking out potential relatives and acquaintances is daunting if you aren’t prepared.


In addition, there is always the worry when meeting your old friends or romantic partners again that it could only result in sadness or anger from them.


Friends Reconnected wants to assure you that, no matter the obstacle, we will work alongside you to overcome.


We stand by your side to help find your friends and loved ones, hopefully, making your next meeting with them a happy and joyous occasion.


Our maxim is “seek, and you will find,” and we apply it to everything we do to help you remake those lost connections. We can also help with the reintroduction and reforging of the relationship you once had.


Reconnecting with a Lost Love: Platitudes and Nice Words

Hopefully, your long-lost friends are sure to be as happy to see you as you are to see them.


However, Long-lost loves, though, may seem like a higher wall to scale. Perhaps you broke it off because of words that were said, or maybe things did not turn out as you had hoped.


Someone’s trust was broken, and before you knew it, a beautiful relationship had ended. Friends Reconnected knows that the old flame in your heart still burns, and we are devoted to helping you find that special someone.


The one who was your childhood sweetheart with whom you shared some of your fondest memories.


If you are willing to take a risk and find that person for whom you had feelings before, we will give you the tools necessary to close the distance and find them once again.


How to Find Old Friends

Before we continue, let us give some insight into the process of how to begin looking for that long-lost special someone.


This advice can be applied to any kind of connection; a lost flame or childhood sweetheart, an old friend from school or from a past workplace, a partner in business or the military, or any other kind of connection of which you can think.


As you may be aware already, finding someone whom you haven’t seen in years can be a highly difficult challenge.


The modern era and its digital technologies can make this challenge easier in some ways, but it can still be hard to find the clues necessary to make progress even with computers and the internet.


It is for this reason that Friends Reconnected uses specialized methods, which make use of research that can trace back more than 50 years of history.


Finding old friends and acquaintances is a deep and long process, which is why we cannot provide results that the “same day” searches do.


We mainly make use of old-fashioned techniques, such as lateral and creative thinking strategies, as well as intellectual approaches to research, thus providing better and more meaningful results to the client.


Our satisfaction as a service comes from this challenging, unique, and intriguing work; the twists and turns that come with rekindling connections are our specialities, which we are happy to share with you in your search.


The Search for Lost Friends

Friends Reconnected is a family-owned business, where we all come together and make our clients’ dreams/aspirations of finding their lost friends and loved ones come true.


We affectionately call all our staff “Dad’s Army,” as everyone is part of John’s family. This bond gives us the strength to work together, often late into the night, to search for the people whom our clients want to see again.


When you provide us with a search for a lost friend, we quickly become engrossed in the hunt. The jump back in time through photos and documents, the potential dead ends and sudden clues.


We use your personal memories. Compiling them into a dossier.


The work we conduct excites and invigorates all of us at Friends Reconnected. In simple terms, we are never bored searching for your lost friends and old connections.


Retracing the Steps of Old Friends and Connections for You

Our enjoyment of this work is supported by the experience of our founder, John age 75.


John was born in the “baby boomer” generation, and he knows what a trip down memory lane can do for anyone.


His skill and experience in hunting down leads give us the power to fulfil the wishes of our customers. At the same time, he enjoys the chances he gets to relive his own memories while searching as well.


Each person’s memories are precious to them, in a way that no one else can describe. Take a soldier who was one of the brave men to storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in World War II.


Only he can describe that event unlike anyone else can, and in the same way, your memories are special to you in a way that no one else can match in the description.


Equally, John has his own memories that only he can truly share with the world. For example, John has special memories of his childhood in 1954.


One such memory is visiting a certain “Lyons Corner House” with his grandmother, where delicious treats were in ample supply.


Another is accompanying his mother to the high class “Home and Colonial” store to go shopping.


John also remembers the old camping trips he took with the cubs and scouts. Canvas tents, cooking sausages on a stick over a campfire, and the trip to the site on the “Leyland Tiger” omnibus are all still treasured memories of those times.


What about 1958? John reminisces about wishing for a Claud Butler racing bicycle, which was all the rage at the time. Unfortunately, the bicycle was too expensive at the time for his father. But memories like those are still precious, nonetheless.


John also thinks back to sitting in a worker’s café in 1964, partaking in a fried breakfast and listening to the café’s jukebox. The Walker Brothers, Jackie Trent, Dusty Springfield, Jimmy Ruffin, and more; the magical voices of that era come back like the jukebox was in the room.


John even has a few memories from the Woodstock era in 1964.


All these memories, and many more, are special to him in an individual way. While you may be worried that your own memories and long-gone connections aren’t interesting to others they are to you.


John and the rest of us at Friends Reconnected know how valuable those memories truly are, which is why we can help you once again find the people who fill them.


Revisiting the Past

Taking that walk down memory lane can remind you of those old friends, partners, and lovers who you would love to see again.


Maybe it’s to share those old times you had with them. Perhaps it’s to show them how your own life has gone in the time they’ve been away. Maybe it’s to apologise for things in the past that you want to bury.


Whatever the reason, we at Friends Reconnected have the tools, skills, and experience to help you find that person for whom you’re searching.


Now the object is to make that first reconnection and to share all the words you wish to share with them in either the most tactful, or most emotional, way possible.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or by email to get the search for your lost friends and loved one’s going.


Don’t wait, let’s take that first step together, and find your past connections and memories, wherever they may be!


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